Amazing Workplaces: Take A Tour Of TJX Canada’s New Home Office


As a young professional, you may sometimes feel out of place in your new career. It’s natural – between adjusting to a new environment, a new company culture, and new responsibilities, it can be a challenge to find your bearings.

TJX Canada's home office
TJX Canada’s home office

Fortunately, TJX Canada is an organization that is committed to helping students and graduates successfully transition into the working world. Making new employees feel comfortable and welcome is a top priority, and their brand new home office clearly reflects this.

Natasha Reichen has worked at TJX Canada for over 6 years and is currently working as the Campus Talent Acquisition Manager. She connected with TalentEgg to discuss their new amazing workspace, and the inspiration behind their design.

A collaborative culture

Natasha Reichen
Campus Talent Acquisition Manager
TJX Canada

Teamwork is an important company value at TJX Canada. It’s been a key factor in the company’s success and it’s one of the criteria the Talent Acquisition team uses to evaluate new hires. With this in mind, the home office was designed to encourage movement and collaboration within the organization.

Front reception
Front reception


“We’re a welcoming culture, and you definitely feel that as soon as you first walk in,” says Natasha. “We like to say that we gave up a little ‘me’ space so we could have more ‘we’ space.”

Equipped with breakout rooms, lounges, and even a full recreational area, employees working at the home office are rarely anchored to their desks. The modern and open design helps young professionals connect face-to-face on a regular basis.

Recreation space
Recreation space

“I see them often during lunch hour utilizing the pool or air hockey tables in the recreational areas with their team members,” says Natasha. “We’re big on teamwork, especially between departments. This new open and airy space provides areas for informal meeting spaces, inspiring innovation and collaboration.”

Perks and services

Whether they’re in key business meetings, creating business strategies or meeting with vendors, every member of the TJX Canada team works hard to pull their weight. However, they also understand the importance of work-life balance. That’s why their home office has plenty of services to ensure their employees are happy and healthy throughout the year.

Fitness facility
Fitness facility

One of the most notable features is a fitness centre located right in the building. Operating seven days a week, it’s run by professional staff who host various fitness programs. Plus, the company’s flexible work policy allows employees to exercise at any time during the day.

Collaborative seating
Collaborative seating

TJX Canada’s home office also boasts a “Marché-style” cafeteria, where employees can gather and enjoy a diverse range of meals featuring local, organic, and fair-trade ingredients when possible. On top of all this, the home office offers a convenience shop, which offers everything from food and beverages to health and beauty supplies. Natasha says that students attending interviews leave highly impressed with the space.

“They get quite excited about the great office environment and the perks and benefits,” says Natasha.

Canadian pride and environmental initiatives

TJX Canada values their communities and the country they do business in, so they took special care to incorporate these aspects of their organization into the home office.

Reclaimed wood furniture
Reclaimed wood furniture

As a company dedicated to environmental sustainability, employees have the opportunity to join the Go Green Committee. This group has contributed to many of the sustainable initiatives in the new home office. For example, the building features a lot of indoor landscaping and many pieces of furniture have been created using reclaimed wood. The company also supports the adoption of electric vehicles with two charging stations that can service up to 4 vehicles at a time, as well as extensive bicycle parking spaces. They even have a 25 square foot outdoor monarch butterfly conservation area!

“We remain committed to being an environmentally responsible citizen and neighbour,” says Natasha. “We try to reduce the energy and waste in all aspects of our business.”

In addition to being eco-minded , TJX Canada is also proudly Canadian. From the inspirational map of Canada in the lobby bearing the company values in English and French, to the Atlantic and Pacific Towers, there is no questioning the organization’s roots.

The Charley Harper room
The Charley Harper room

“We are true to who we are,” says Natasha. “The interior look and feel of this building celebrates our unique Canadian qualities.”

There’s no doubt about it – TJX Canada’s new home office is truly an exceptional place to work. Natasha says that at the end of the day, this organization is what it is because of the fantastic people who work there.

“For students to make the most of a career here, they have to model our values,” she says. “They have to build great relationships and they have to achieve the results they set out to achieve. In the end, we believe our new space increases collaboration and innovation with our associates.”

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