New Grads Share The Best Parts About Hatching A Career With TTi


TTi is an industry leader in the construction and home improvement equipment market – and to be the best, you need to hire the best. A successful company like TTi is always on the lookout for talented individuals who can drive the business to new heights.

These 5 recent grads found their fit with TTi and haven’t looked back. As members of the company’s sales and marketing team, they have developed valuable skills that have helped them hatch rewarding careers. We caught up with them to learn about their experiences so far and what they love most about working at TTi.

Neil Howard

Neil Howard
Field Sales Representative, TTi Vancouver

Neil had a plan for when he finished his studies at the University of Northern British Columbia: travel, then work. The Bachelors of Commerce grad spent a year abroad in Europe and Australia before returning to Canada to start his career.

“I was looking for a place to develop my skills and move forward in my career,” says Neil. Luckily for him, TTi provided both. “I had two pretty good friends that were working for the company so they gave me some great insights,” says Neil. Learning that both had advanced significantly during their time at TTi was a huge factor in his initial attraction to the company.

Currently, Neil is a Field Sales Representative. His day-to-day life involves visiting stores, merchandising products, and selling to customers. He also works with store managers to help educate their staff about TTi’s products and services.

Despite describing himself as a “people person,” Neil says that building rapport with store employees was challenging at first. “You’re in one store per week, so you’ve got to develop those relationships very quickly,” says Neil.

However, TTi gave him all the tools he needed to succeed. “They sent us to Toronto and Milwaukee for a week each to provide us with sales and product training,” says Neil. “Also for my first few weeks, I shadowed a few senior field reps each day, and step-by-step they explained what they were doing. I thought it was a phenomenal onboarding and training process.”

It’s this kind of supportive company culture that Neil says is his favourite part about working at TTi. “They’re always looking after you. They want you to develop and further your skills,” says Neil. “It’s open, anyone in leadership is approachable and willing to help. It’s a very team based culture.”

As a rapidly-growing company, TTi has plenty of opportunities for advancement. In fact, Neil is already planning his next steps up the TTi corporate ladder.

“Over the next couple years, I’d like to explore work in other areas of the business and I’d like to stay in the sales side of the company if possible,” says Neil. “I see myself here for the long term.”

Neil’s advice for new grads:

  • Knowledge is power: TTi provides both in-person and online training courses to help new hires get up to speed.
  • Be friendly: A sales role at TTi means working with a diverse range of people. Being friendly can help you quickly build rapport.
  • Have a positive attitude: This will help customers and clients alike be more receptive to you and your products.

Krista Shuryn

Krista Shuryn
Field Sales Representative, TTi Vancouver

As a new business grad from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Krista wanted an entry-level position with room to grow. When she learned about TTi, she could see that it offered exactly what she was looking for.

“It’s probably the most positive culture I’ve ever seen,” says Krista. “And they’re very focused on their employees growing with the company. Once you’re in, you’re in.”

Krista started working for TTi in 2014 and is currently a Field Sales Representative with the company. She’s responsible for five Home Depot stores and her work involves merchandising product, selling to customers, and connecting with store employees.

Field Sales Representatives need to know how to build rapport very quickly, and Krista says she was a little shy when she first started.

“For me, the hardest thing was going up to people that don’t know you and trying to build a quick relationship,” says Krista.

With the generous support of TTi, Krista overcome her initial shyness. For example, the company provides new employees with phones preloaded with contacts.

“Everyone is right at your fingertips,” says Krista. “If I ever need anything, I know everybody is just a phone call away.”

Additionally, Krista says the company’s team meetings are great opportunities to see everyone and bond as a team. Measures like these help TTi employees stay connected wherever they are. They also build the “team camaraderie” aspect that Krista says is her favourite part about working with the company.

“It’s almost like a big family,” says Krista. “Everyone seems to be on the same wavelength.”

Krista’s advice for new grads

  • Be a sponge. At the beginning, there will be plenty of information to absorb. Make sure you take notes and take time at the end of the day to go over what you learned.
  • Be open to feedback. Not everything you do will be perfect at first, but don’t worry! You’ll develop the right skills as you go along.
  • Have a positive attitude. Even if you’re having a challenging day, remember that your teammates are always there to support you!

James Mitchell

James Mitchell
Field Sales Coordinator, TTi Toronto

For James, his transition from school to work came with another big change: a new city. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, James began his career with TTi in Calgary as a Field Sales Representative.

During his job search, James was attracted to TTi because of their employee-first culture.

“I looked around at different companies and TTi was one that invested a lot in their employees,” says James. “I liked the idea of working somewhere where they were going to invest in your career.”

Adjusting to a new job and a new city was a challenge at first, but the TTi team provided a lot of guidance to help him navigate the process. Now, James is living proof of company’s growth potential – he was promoted eight months after he started at TTi. He currently works as a Field Sales Coordinator in Toronto, acting as a liaison between the company’s sales and marketing teams.

James says that every day is different at TTi, and they provide plenty of opportunities to get involved in different types of projects. For example, James recently got the chance to develop his own app for the company.

“They let me build it how I saw fit and by the end of that project, I was able to take a lot of pride in the finished product,” says James about the app. “It was the culmination of my decisions and hard work.”
James’ favourite part about TTi? The company culture. He says at this organization, you get the best of both worlds: the ability to work independently and be a part of a supportive team.

“They really reward you when you do well and we have a lot of fun.” says James. “Everything’s always expanding and there’s lots of opportunity.”

James’ advice for new grads:

  • Work hard: TTi gives you all the tools you need to succeed – but it’s up to you to rise to the occasion.
  • Have an open mind: Every company is unique. When adapting to a new position, it’s important to be receptive to all kinds of ideas and work styles.
  • Be willing to move: If the region you live in doesn’t have the opportunity you want, consider expanding your search to other locations. “If you’re willing to move, you’re more likely to find the right fit,” says James.

Nathan Dinnick

Nathan Dinnick
Field Sales Representative, TTi Toronto

Nathan always loved building things, so a career with power tools was a natural fit. He applied to TTi online after graduating with a BA in Business from Trent University. After acing the interview process, he was hired as a Field Sales Representative in Peterborough.

A typical day for Nathan includes visiting Home Depot locations to put out new products, setting up displays, selling to customers, and educating the store staff on TTi’s latest offerings. Nathan says he can interact with over 100 different people in a single day– but that’s no problem for this self-described “people-person.”

“I like to be out on the road, working with people. It keeps it interesting and keeps it fun.” says Nathan. “There’s so much to learn about tools. The learning curve is steep but they provide us with the materials to learn and the time to do it.”

For him, the biggest challenge when he first started was retaining all the new information. Nathan credits TTi’s unique combination of online learning and hands-on training for helping him quickly and effectively build his skills and knowledge. The company also provides a lot of support – new hires know that they can always turn to their managers or fellow Field Sales Representatives if they need help.

“Employees are very much the focus at TTi,” says Nathan. “There’s a huge focus on developing people within the organization.”

If students and new grads are looking to break into the power tools industry, Nathan says that should definitely set their sights on TTi. Not only does the company invest highly in their team, they’re also growing fast and always looking for fresh talent.

“We’re constantly promoting employees, and that’s a testament to our growth. There’s lots of opportunity to advance and do awesome things with TTi,” says Nathan.

Nathan’s tips for new grads:

  • Focus on relationship-building: Having a strong network can really help you move forward in your career with the company.
  • Never stop learning: Your education doesn’t stop when you leave school. New hires should strive to learn as much as possible if they want to succeed.
  • Teamwork is key: “This is a company where we grow together,” says Nathan. It’s important to remember that everybody is working toward a common goal.

Garret Howes

Garret Howes
Field Sales Representative, TTi Toronto

For Garret, it was a part-time job at a hardware store and an interest in power tools that first sparked his interest in the construction and home improvement market. However, it was the entrepreneurial culture that really attracted the Ryerson Entrepreneurship grad to TTi.

“I was pretty interested in how we run our territory, almost as if it’s our own business,” says Garret. “It’s unlike any company I’ve worked for.”

Garret works as a Field Sales Representative, managing a group of Home Depot locations in Ontario. Visiting the different stores is a big part of the job.

“In the morning, I grab the supplies I need for the day and head to the store,” says Garret. “Then I spend time walking through, talking to management, merchandising, and whatever else needs to be done for that week or month.”
There are a lot of different tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis. Garret says when he first started the job, his main focus was working on his multitasking skills.

“You have to understand your priorities,” says Garret. “The longer you’re in this job, the better you understand how to manage everything.”

Garret says that the TTi training process helped him overcome any initial challenges he had with the role. Garret even got the chance to go to Milwaukee to complete some of his training courses.

“They really expect a lot of you, but they invest in you so you’re able to accomplish your goals.” says Garrett.

Having the strong support of his fellow colleagues also helped him settle into his new role. This friendly company culture is Garret’s favourite part of working with TTi and he says it’s why he’s so happy with his job.

“It’s super important to love what you do,” says Garret. “I come home at the end of the day, and I’m thinking about what I can to do to build my territory and I think the culture helps produce that. It makes you excited to go to work.”

Garret’s advice for new grads:

  • Prioritize! When you’re faced with a million different things to do, remember to complete the most important tasks first. You can worry about the small stuff later.
  • Be passionate. When you’re excited about your products, it gets the customers excited about them too.
  • Build rapport. From your fellow sales reps to the managers in your store – developing strong relationships will help lead you to success.

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