Hatching My Career: A Fredericton Grad’s Experiences In The RBC Career Launch Program


Ashley Noble spent her childhood in the small town of Rusagonis, NB. Like most of the other students, she spent her years in high school mulling over her career options, trying to decide what type of studies she wanted to pursue after graduation.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do,” says Ashley. “I went to the University of New Brunswick because I liked working with numbers – I was going to major in accounting, but discovered I liked finance best!”

Ashley Noble
Career Launch Associate

Finding career opportunities after university can be a difficult task for any new grad. For Ashley, it was a matter of knowing where to look. Luckily, a great opportunity found her.

“While job searching online, I came across an advertisement on Twitter for the RBC Career Launch Program,” says Ashley. “I always figured I would end up working at a bank… I knew that this opportunity would give me an inside look at the banking industry.”

After completing the application and interview processes, Ashley was hired to join the RBC Career Launch Program as an Associate. She is currently completing one of three rotations in the year-long program in Fredericton, NB.

A typical day as a Career Launch Associate

When Ashley was accepted into the Career Launch Program, she was excited to tell her friends and family back home about her new opportunity.

“In my town, RBC Career Launch was a little-known program,” says Ashley. “I explained it to them, and they were really excited and happy for me.”

Ashley jumped right into her first role as a Client Advisor, where she worked at a branch and conducted transactions for customers. It was a great opportunity to put the finance knowledge she gained at university to work. Plus, she had the opportunity to meet like-minded graduates and build great connections!

“The best part about my role in this program was the opportunity to network with so many great people,” says Ashley.

Ashley is currently working on her second rotation with Ability New Brunswick – a charity that supports people with mobility disabilities in Fredericton. Her day typically consists of consulting with program personnel and service participants to identify key messages and success stories. Ashley is also responsible for coordinating the creation of packages for potential donors. Of course, her manager works closely with her, providing regular feedback to ensure that she is moving in the right direction.

“Through my time so far in this program, I’ve gained expert communication skills, confidence, and negotiation skills,” says Ashley. “And I’m sure that I’ll learn even more in time!”

Learning on the job

One of the things that sets the RBC Career Launch Program apart from a regular entry-level job is the immense support that Associates receive. This program was designed with the intention of nurturing talent and helping recent grads unlock their potential in a structured environment.

Aside from completing professional development courses, Associates have access to a lot of career-building resources. Each individual is assigned a mentor at the beginning of the program and they are encouraged to connect with them regularly for guidance and advice. On top of that, they work closely with their managers to ensure they’re on the right track.

“My mentor is energetic and enthusiastic, and we talk on the phone once a month and sometimes chat through Lync (RBC’s internal chat system),” says Ashley. “We also have monthly meetings with our Career Launch managers, who provide career coaching, encouragement, and help us find ways to improve. Plus, we have weekly meetings with our local managers who help us achieve our goals and encourage us to be the best we can be!”

The RBC Career Launch Program is not only willing to provide the resources for new graduates to succeed – Ashley says that everyone involved in this program is invested in helping the Associates develop and find success in their chosen career path.

“It is a very rewarding experience filled with many opportunities to learn and network,” she says. “You’re able to grow as an individual. No one is holding you back from your full potential.”

Looking to the future

Before taking part in the RBC Career Launch Program, Ashley wasn’t sure what life after graduation held for her. She hadn’t decided on a career path and she certainly did not have a full plan mapped out for herself. But all that changed with the experience and career advice she received while working at RBC

“Before, I wasn’t 100% sure where I was going to end up,” admits Ashley. “Now I know that I would like to work on the sales team of RBC as a Banking Advisor, and possibly even become a financial planner later on.”

Having the opportunity to test the waters in an actual work environment made all the difference for Ashley’s career. With a direction in mind, she’s looking forward to completing the program and keeping in contact with all the great people she’s met.

“My fondest memory would have to be the day before I left the RBC Branch,” says Ashley. “Everyone was sad to see me go. It was emotional, and there were lots of hugs!”

While Ashley still has a few more months to go in the program, she has some solid advice for new graduates who want to find success as a Career Launch Associate.

“Be prepared to learn a lot and adapt to new situations,” she says. “Once you have one thing mastered, you’ll soon move on to learn something else!”

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