A Day In The Life Of An Associate In The RBC Career Launch Program


It can be challenging for today’s new graduates to find a foothold on the career ladder. Finding that first opportunity can feel impossible if you don’t know where to look. However, employers today are finding new ways to take on young and talented individuals. New grads are not limited to entry-level jobs – they now have the option to pursue rotational development programs as well.

The RBC Career Launch Program is one of the frontrunners in this area. RBC’s year-long rotational program is a great opportunity for new grads to get paid career experience in a structured environment. While it sounds great on paper, it’s very common for applicants to wonder: “what will this experience be like for me?”

Ashley Noble and Christian Guyette are both Associates in the RBC Career Launch Program. Their experiences have had a huge impact on their career prospects – but don’t just take our word for it. Read on to find out what a typical day looks like in this unique program!

Ashley Noble

Ashley grew up in the countryside of New Brunswick and finished her high school years in Fredericton. Like many high school seniors, she struggled with picking her major, and finally decided to pursue a Finance degree at the University of New Brunswick.

During her time at school, she always suspected she might work at a bank after graduation, but she wasn’t sure which one. After graduation, she stumbled across an online ad in her Twitter feed for the RBC Career Launch Program and decided to apply.

“I knew that this opportunity would give me an inside look at the banking industry,” says Ashley. “I also knew it would give me the much needed experience, which would make me more marketable to potential employers.”

Ashley’s advice for new grads:
  • Don’t hesitate. You’ll never know if you have what it takes to get accepted if you don’t apply!
  • Learn and adapt. In this program, learning is a continuous process. Once you’ve mastered something, be ready to take on a new challenge!
  • Network. Making connections is one of the most important benefits of this program. As you move on to your next rotation, keep in contact with your coworkers – you never know when you’ll run into each other again.
Ashley Noble
Career Launch Associate

As a Career Launch Associate, Ashley spent the first six months of the program in a bank branch working directly with clients. Here she honed her customer service skills and learned more about the banking industry. During her second rotation, she worked with a registered Canadian charity called Ability New Brunswick. Her role involved consulting with program personnel and service participants to identify key messages and success stories. On top of that, Ashley continued her learning through a series of courses designed to help her professional growth and development.

Ashley says that her managers and assigned mentor have also been instrumental in offering career advice and helping her figure out the next steps on her career path. She has monthly meetings with her manager, as well as regular chats with her mentor to make sure she’s on the right track.

With the help of the RBC Career Launch Program, Ashley says she’s found a career path she wants to follow. She says she would love to join the RBC team after completing the program as an Advisor in a branch, and possibly become a Financial Planner in the future.

“My favourite part of this program is the opportunity to network with so many great people,” says Ashley. “I also love working for a company that is respected in the community.”

Christian Guyette

In 2014, Christian graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor’s of International Business. He spent his first summer as a new graduate in Calgary AB, where he worked on a golf course and adjusted to life in a new city. However, as the golf season came to a close, he began his job search on the web, where he discovered the RBC Career Launch Program.

“I was excited by the details of the program, especially the fact that it was designed for people with little to no professional job experience,” says Christian.

Christian wasted no time immersing himself in his new role. He started his program at the branch level, where he worked as a Client Advisor conducting transactions for clients and learning the ropes. Like Ashley, he also completed courses to enrich his development and program experience.

“The best part about working as an Associate would have to be the constant learning,” says Christian. “The biggest challenge I’ve faced in the role was learning how to be a successful salesperson as a Client Advisor. One manager in particular took it upon himself to mentor me! In my experience, there is never a lack of support from the RBC management team in helping you overcome career challenges.”

Christian’s advice for new grads:
  • Don’t hesitate. You’ll never know if you have what it takes to get accepted if you don’t apply!
  • Make yourself stand out. Grades are important, but they are not the determining factor when it comes to getting hired. Life experiences such as travel and volunteering will help diversify your skills and make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.
  • Get excited. During the application process, let the RBC team see you are excited about this unique and challenging opportunity. After all, they’re looking for grads who will really appreciate this program!
Christian Guyette
Career Launch Associate

The RBC Career Launch Program has allowed Christian to connect with many like-minded young professionals. He says one of his favourite parts about his first rotation was the team atmosphere.

“Whether it was the many potlucks and barbeques we had, chatting with colleagues in the lunchroom, volunteering at the Blue Water Day event, or how the team came together during extremely busy times, there was always a strong bond within my branch that made me feel like we were all one team, working collectively towards the same goal,” says Christian.

Christian’s exposure to the world of banking and finance has allowed him to view his skillset in a new context. He says that he sees potential for a career outside of a marketing role.

“The program definitely sparked my interest in the financial side of business,” says Christian. “I also know that I can be adaptable. The program is all about learning quickly as you go through the different rotations, and I am now confident that I can take on almost any challenge in my role and be successful.”

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