Women In Engineering: 3 Organizations To Explore


The engineering field has come a long way in the last few decades.

There are many Canadian outreach programs and initiatives available to help support women in launching a successful engineering career and celebrate their achievements. Here are just a few of the amazing resources these organizations have available for women in engineering.

Ontario Network of Women in Engineering (ONWiE)

The Ontario Network of Women in Engineering is an organization formed in 2005 that connects all the schools and faculties of engineering across Ontario. Their main goals are to support current female engineers and students and encourage the next generation of women to pursue careers in engineering. By offering different mentorship, outreach, networking, and scholarship opportunities, ONWiE works to provide as many opportunities as possible for young women to explore and excel in their engineering careers.

With the help of female engineering students and professionals working as volunteers, ONWiE offers a number of programs for aspiring engineers. One of their programs, Go ENG Girl, gives young women the opportunity to visit their local university campus to learn about engineering. Here they can interact with female engineering students or working professionals, participate in hands-on activities, and learn about possible careers in engineering. The main goal of this outreach program is to teach young women skills that relate to careers in engineering, allow them to network with female engineers who are excelling in the industry, and to break the stereotype of engineering being a predominately male industry.

“My daughter went to one of the Go ENG Girl event six years ago… now she has graduated from civil engineering and is working in the field which she studied. I want to thank you for your hard work for encouraging girls to face the challenge and not shy away from being an engineer.” Thank you note from a Go ENG Girl Parent

Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation (CEMF)

The Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation is a organization whose main objective is to engage and combine the engineering skills of all engineers for the betterment of society. This organization dedicates the majority of their work to inspiring women to participate in engineering programs by offering them scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial aid for undergraduate and graduate programs across Canada.

Scholarship winners are then asked to be Ambassadors and mentor others in their community to continue inspiring women to join the engineering industry. This organization has given many female students the opportunity to pursue a career in engineering and to volunteer in their community to inspire others.

“It is an honour to have received the CEMF 20th Anniversary National Scholarship for Women in Engineering. This scholarship will allow me to pursue my studies and will motivate me to continue volunteering and getting involved in my community. Engineering is a profession where women can be leaders and where their contributions can lead to many great accomplishments.” Silvia Fernandez Avila; 20th Anniversary National Scholarship for Women in Engineering Scholarship Winner 2010

Conference on Diversity in Engineering (CDE)

Run by the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students, the goal of this annual conference is to encourage discussion between engineering students and professionals around the theme of diversity. Among other diversity cases, one of the biggest discussion topics at the conference is women in engineering. Specifically, CDE encourages undergraduate students to brainstorm ways to increase women’s representation in senior engineering roles and female participation in all fields relating to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
The conference outlines the issues pertaining to diversity in engineering, aims to build leadership and active participation from students in their communities, and offers networking opportunities for students to connect with industry professions in minority groups.

“The mission of the CFES is to support growth and communication, and to ensure moral, intellectual, cultural, academic, social, and economic well-being for its members.” Conference on Diversity in Engineering

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