Meet Trent Ogilvie: Marketing Coordinator At EllisDon


Trent Ogilvie has always been an artist. His creativity and passion lies at the core of everything he does – including his career.

Like many artists, Trent had to take the winding path. In high school, he says he was passionate about drawing, but considered pursuing engineering as many of his family members had done before him. Several science courses later, with his head and heart at odds, Trent took the English course that cemented his decision to follow his passion.

Finding the right career path

“Words are like building blocks. Except there is no limit to how high or far you can take an idea.” Trent Ogilvie, Marketing Coordinator at EllisDon

After high school, Trent went to the University of Toronto to study English, but decided to balance it out with practical courses. Here, he discovered a love of architecture, and learned to tie the two together.

Trent Ogilvie, Marketing Coordinator at EllisDon
Trent Ogilvie, Marketing Coordinator at EllisDon

“Words are like building blocks,” Trent explains. “Except there is no limit to how high or far you can take an idea.”

Trent’s first summer placement with EllisDon was at Concord Park Place, a multi-tower condominium complex in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. Having never set foot on site before, Trent was quickly eased by great friends, greater mentors, and an opportunity for two additional internships.

In his academic life, Trent committed to English and Creative Writing, and was encouraged by project managers, superintendents, and coordinators to apply this passion to his work. Inspired by this show of support, Trent began to write site manuals for students just like him.

Creating a place at EllisDon

“Speak up, and find a way to do what you love. Better yet, create one.” Trent Ogilvie, Marketing Coordinator at EllisDon

Once he graduated, Trent wanted to change his view from cranes to cubicles, and find the right home for his writing. He approached EllisDon’s People and Culture team to find a role that would suit his aspirations. When they couldn’t find one, they created it, certain that Trent’s drive would be an asset anywhere.

Today, in his role as Marketing Coordinator, Trent leads and supports several of EllisDon’s largest bids across Canada and the world. On a typical day, Trent lends his editing skills, site experience, and energy to all three procurement, communications, and business development departments. He could be updating project profiles on Monday, crafting presentation decks by Wednesday, and editing a billion-dollar proposal by Friday. Whatever the task, Trent isn’t usually given the work – he seeks it out.

Trent’s advice for current students and new graduates: “Speak up, and find a way to do what you love,” he says. “Better yet, create one.”


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