Meet Mo Sulaiman: Proposal Coordinator, Civil Division At EllisDon


Mohamed Sulaiman, better known as Mo, is well-travelled within EllisDon.

Mo Sulaiman 2
Mo Sulaiman, Proposal Coordinator at EllisDon

He has followed the work from site to office and – he expects – back again. Mo says he appreciates the team effort at EllisDon, as he enjoys collaborating with others and watching the impact their hard work makes on a grand scale.

With a background in Architectural Technology, Mo managed to hit the ground running with support from EllisDon. He has explored a variety of roles, starting from his co-op days. Today, he works as a Proposal Coordinator in the Civil Division of the EllisDon team.

The hiring process

“EllisDon showed an interest in my personality – my portfolio was a bonus.” Mo Sulaiman, Proposal Coordinator at EllisDon


In high school, Mo was equal parts brains and brawn, which opened more doors than he knew what to do with. Pursuing a natural love of numbers, Mo applied for the Architectural Technology Program at Mohawk, and paid his way with a volleyball scholarship.

During his studies, Mo took part in a co-op program that connected him to several top construction companies and he fondly recalls his interview with EllisDon. He says that EllisDon looked beyond his work into who he was and what he wanted.

“EllisDon showed an interest in my personality,” says Mo. “My portfolio was a bonus.”

From co-op to career

“Coffee is key,” Mo remarks with a smirk. “Where the strong stuff goes, I go.” Mo Sulaiman, Proposal Coordinator at EllisDon

It was the right match on both ends. EllisDon brought Mo in and assigned him to the complex Pan Am/Parapan Am Athletes’ Village Project. During this eight month co-op experience, Mo played a supportive role in the site office. Although this helped sharpen his administrative skills, it also made his calling clear; Mo was a site man. At the end of his placement, Mo received a stellar review from his supervisor.

A month before he graduated, Mo met with Suheil Khouri and Gabriel Clerici, EllisDon’s Vice Presidents of Operations, who took an immediate liking to him. Mo was offered and accepted a three month contract position on the Markville Mall Project as a Project Coordinator. Soon after, he transferred to a full-time position on the Sherway Gardens East Parkade, then Anchor Redemise Projects.

Ten months later, as the work wound down, Mo’s enthusiasm caught the attention of EllisDon’s Civil Division, who offered him the position of Proposal Coordinator. Although Mo envisioned his career unfolding in the field, he was eager to join a new team, and accept another challenge.

An egg-citing future

“Be open to every opportunity. Get good at several things if you want to get noticed!” Mo Sulaiman, Proposal Coordinator at EllisDon

Mo’s career certainly keeps him on his toes each day. But the fast-paced life suits him, and he’s always ready to tackle a new challenge.

Today, Mo helps coordinate the major bids that pull new and exciting civil work into EllisDon, including the VivaNext H2 West and H2 East Project. Now that he can fuse his office and site expertise, Mo expects that wherever he ends up next, bigger and better things await.

Mo’s advice for current students and new graduates: “Be open to every opportunity. Get good at several things if you want to get noticed!”


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