10 Thoughts Every Student Has About Going Back To School


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? The weather is getting a little cooler, those beautiful endless summer nights are slowly dwindling down, and there are back-to-school ads around every corner that fill you with mixed emotions.

Every year you expect and prepare for it, yet the same thoughts and feelings run through your head as September slowly creeps up. On the bright side, you are not alone. We have all been there. Here are some thoughts that pop up in every student’s mind as they get set to hit the books once again.

1) “Summer is over and I didn’t do anything off my bucket list!”


Was it not just May last week? Where did the time go? That giant reading and movie list you promised to get through, that friend you were suppose to grab lunch with, the recipes you were planning to make, and the road trips you mapped out but didn’t actually go on, will just have to be put on hold for next summer.

2) “I’m excited for Frosh parties”


Summer may be over, but the fun isn’t. Whether you’re a freshman, senior or going for your Master’s; college and university events are something we all look forward to. It’s a great stress reliever, and the best place to make new friends and memories that last a lifetime.

3) “I’m going to go to bed early, and avoid pulling all-nighters.”


You really only need four hours of sleep, right? Realistically, your lack of sleep will catch up with you. When Netflix asks you if you want to continue watching, kindly decline and go to sleep.

4) “I can’t wait to see my old friends. I wonder if they miss me, as much as I miss them?”


They probably do. It’s finally time to reconnect with old classmates whose Facebook updates have been clogging your newsfeed all summer. It’s also the moment you’ve been waiting for to tell everyone in precise detail all the drama (or lack of) that took place over the summer. After all, text messages and emoticons can only go so far when it comes to dramatic storytelling.

5) “I’m secretly excited to show off my back-to-school swag.”


You’ve managed to scrape up some money left over from your summer job to buy that perfect outfit, bag, laptop, or cellphone for the first day of school. You want to show off, but also be humble about it.

6) “I wonder how I’m going to like my professors?”

giphy (3)

Having a good rapport with your professors is important! Many students will want to get a head start on learning about their professors… Let the Ratemyprofessors.com, LinkedIn, and Google stalking commence.

7) “How many more days until Christmas break?”


Yeah, you have probably already started counting down the days until winter break. (It’s approximately 103 days, sorry!).

8) “How am I going to balance my new class schedule with work, and everything else in my life?”


It can be overwhelming, and you’ve probably started stressing out about balancing your part-time job, family, social life and class assignments. Hopefully your boss is understanding enough to let you book days off when you need to study for exams.

9) “Am I sure this is still the current path I want to take?”


Around this time, it’s normal to get cold feet and question your career path. Having second thoughts is normal. Ask yourself if this is still your calling and if you’re sure that this is the dream you want to continue chasing. It’s never too late to begin a new journey.

10) “This will be the year for me.”


You have promised yourself that this will be the year you make a change. Back-to-school resolutions trump New Years Eve resolutions. “New Year, New me.”

Good luck to everyone going back to school this year! Remember – you are not alone.