Boost Your Resume With These 5 Outdoor Activities


There’s just something about summer that makes the idea of working or studying the last thing you want to do. Who wants to spend time inside when there are street festivals to check out and sunny beach days to be had?

But what if I told you could enjoy the beautiful summer weather and boost your resume at the same time?

Get the best of both worlds with these five activities that allow you to build up valuable skills and experience, without sacrificing those precious outdoor hours.

1. Photography

If you’re majoring in a communications-based degree such as Journalism, Mass Communications, or Marketing, photography skills are something that can really help set you apart from the pack. Additionally, practicing your photography is a great excuse to get outside. Photoshoot in the park, anyone?

See if your school offers summer photography courses and you could earn a credit and have fun in the sun at the same time. Or you could take matters into your own hands and look up some photography tips online. You’ll be a pro in no time!

2. Summer job

Need to make some extra cash this summer? Forget retail or food service, there are plenty of other jobs that can help you save up and gain valuable skills, all while enjoying that beautiful summer weather.

Working as a summer orientation leader or a tour guide for your school is a great way to build important skills for your career. For example, these types of jobs are a great way to develop your public speaking, communication, and leadership skills.

3. Blogging

Blogging isn’t just for future journalists or aspiring writers. Starting a blog is a great way to establish yourself as an authority on a certain subject and help improve your communications skills. It also shows future employers that you’re motivated and a self-starter. To take this outside, look for events happening in your area that are related to your blog and go write about them.

4. Take an outdoor summer course

Don’t worry, this kind of summer school doesn’t involve long hours in a stuffy classroom. Lots of colleges and universities offer outdoor summer courses. For example, Carleton University in Ottawa and the University of Toronto both offer outdoor writing retreats. With these, you can pick up an extra credit, polish your prose, and get a little sun. It’s win-win-win!

5. Travel

You might not think your trip to Italy could be a resume booster, but in fact, being well-travelled could actually help you land your dream job. A passion for travel shows employers that you’re adaptable, independent, and can take initiative. And of course, a huge part of travel is trekking outside and exploring your new surroundings. A summer semester abroad, volunteer trips, and international internships are all great resume-boosting ways to indulge your wanderlust!

Working on your job skills doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside! Can you think of any more resume-boosting outdoor activities? Leave a comment below!