How To Prep For Your Career While Enjoying Your Summer


Prepping for your future doesn’t mean you have to miss out on summer fun.

Summer is a few short months in which we can recharge for the year ahead. But it’s also an ideal time to plan for your career, and get ahead of the competition. Balancing the two can be tough – Here are some tips on how to enjoy the best of both worlds:

Work outside

With the never ending to-do list in life, it’s important to take advantage of the weather every chance you can. Whether you’re preparing resumes, applying for a summer job or an internship, or putting together an online portfolio, lighten up the chore by taking the task outside.

Take advantage of a back deck, balcony, or even a summer home. This way, you can get a sense of accomplishment as you complete your to-do list without not missing a drop of summer sunshine.

Use your commute and breaks

If you have a job that requires you to work indoors, it’s important to soak in as much sunlight as you can during the day. If walking or biking to work just isn’t an option for you, be sure to take advantage of your lunch breaks.

Make use of picnic benches, courtyards, or any other getaway spots. The change of scenery will be a much-needed mini recharge. Pack your lunch and enjoy it picnic-style to avoid wasting times in lineups. Use the time to prep for any work you have, or bring a hot summer read and slip into an alternate reality for the hour.


If you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford a vacation, take full advantage and keep a travel blog of your adventures. Use it to show off your writing skills, and add photos to express creativity. The blog can be used to demonstrate organizational skills, your spontaneity and that you strive to expand your horizons and continue your learning through life experiences. Blogs are also fundamental to show that you are social media savvy in an age where everyone is using social media daily. Plus, it looks great on a resume, and will help impress potential employers.


While summer events are a great time to unwind with friends, remember that opportunities can pop up in the most unexpected of places. When getting introduced to a friend of a friend at a patio party, ask them what they do. Are they working? In school? Make small talk, and if the conditions are right, consider exchanging information and keeping in touch. Summer gatherings are a great time to build your network, and get to know new people. You never know who might be your next “in”.

Whether your goal is to make some money before getting back into the school year, travelling to foreign places, or searching for a career, utilizing these tips can enhance your summer without taking away your time in the sun.