Top Careers For Students And New Graduates To Look Out For In Canada


With changes in population, advancements in technology, and increasing environmental awareness, among other factors, Canada’s job market is moving in a cycle.

Canada Day Article
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Careers that used to be popular and in demand by the Baby Boomers have been filled or have become obsolete because of improvements in society. With the changes in population, advancements in technology, and a push for sustainability, there are many new careers that are in demand for the next generation.


As it’s Canada Day, this guide outlines 3 careers that will be thriving and fulfilling that students and new grads should consider upon entering the workforce in the next decade.

Healthcare Services

With Baby Boomers near retirement, jobs in healthcare are becoming more and more available to new grads. Roles that are focused on providing services and support to the older generations are highly in demand due to the aging population in Canada.

Students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare should consider all branches of the industry. Medical school one direction students and graduates can pursue, as traditional medical roles such as nurses, doctors, and surgeons are in demand. However, those not interested in the hand-on medical work can still work in healthcare in roles like administration and management.

In demand skills for healthcare workers:

  • Communication – whether you’re working with patients or behind the scenes, strong communication skills are vital to any healthcare professional
  • Flexibility – physicians especially need to be flexible in their working hours, as many of them continue to work over holidays
  • Attention to detail – paying attention to fine details is crucial for healthcare workers to ensure the number of mistakes made on this job is limited

Financial Services

Financial services is another industry that is thriving. In particular, financial managers are in high demand, as they require a highly specialized skillset and are an integral part of almost all businesses – there needs to be someone that oversees all of the financial planning, bookkeeping, and risk analysis that occurs in the company to ensure everything stays on track. The role of a financial manager can vary from auditing to accounting, depending what company they work for. Other careers in financial services that are highly demanded include accounting, advising, and risk analysis. Students who are unsure where to begin their university education should look at degrees such as accounting, finance, or general business that can lead to a career in financial services, where career prospects are blossoming.

In demand skills for financial services workers:

  • Organization – workers in this industry need to be able to keep track of financial information so it can be accessed quickly and easily
  • Communication – similar to most other industries, financial services jobs generally require teamwork, so strong communication skills are crucial
  • Problem-solving – in many cases, financial services workers are looking to analyze and solve problems to do with a company’s financial performance

Engineering Roles

The changes in today’s working environment has increased the need for engineers. From environmental to chemical, many entry-level engineering jobs are high in demand because of the specialized skills they require. Students that are interested in engineering should consider popular roles such as mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering, but should also look further into other types of engineering such as petroleum engineers or engineering technologists.

Students with an interest in engineering and business should also consider engineering management as the start to their career. An engineering manager is responsible for supervising engineering firms, working with their R&D department, and overseeing the work that is done onsite. Becoming an engineering manager develop many skills that can be transferred to other careers, which opens a lot of doors to recent grads looking to change career paths.

In demand skills for engineering roles:

  • Creativity – being able to solve problems to improve the way society functions requires some outside-the-box thinking, so creativity skills are crucial for almost all types of engineering
  • Technical – working in an industry that’s filled with problem-solving, engineers need to ensure their technical skills are solid to avoid mistakes on the job
  • Communication – because a lot of engineering involves teamwork, engineers need to be able to communicate clearly with team members

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