Growing Up: 5 Things My Mother Taught Me About Career Success


Mother’s day is a time for us to express our thanks.

She’s had a big impact on your life since day one, and as much as you may have rolled your eyes at her or thought she was wrong (especially during those teenage years!), you really owe it to her for teaching you about building yourself, and by extension, your career.

Here are just five things my mother taught me about career success – what has your mother taught you?

Never burn bridges

What goes around comes around. Don’t talk behind other people’s backs, or do things that can cause harm to your relationships with people in your life. No matter how much you may dislike someone you work with, you need to remember that there are more important things than being right all the time.

It says a lot about a person and an employee when they can handle situations with grace. Remember, how people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours.

Go after what you want

If you want something, don’t just sit around and talk about it. Figure out what you’re going to do to get yourself to your end goal.

Plan your career moves, and understand that it is going to take a lot of hard work and effort. Things don’t happen overnight, but they won’t happen if you sit around wishing and hoping either.

Work hard, play harder

Work is important… but it also isn’t everything. Don’t let your job occupy your entire life. Find a balance between work and play, and make sure to always put yourself first.

Make time for the things you love outside of working, and never lose site of those things, as those are the things that are going to make you happy and fulfill you. Yes, you may get this from your job to (if you’re lucky), but it’s a different kind of fulfillment and happiness that you’ll get from doing things for yourself.

Be responsible with your money

They say money doesn’t buy happiness, which is true. But money pays the bills and happiness doesn’t. You don’t need to be making a six-figure salary to live happily and comfortably if you are responsible with your money.

My mother always taught me how to manage my money, and how to set a budget for myself. Knowing this early on has helped me every single day, and has made me realize that I don’t need to make a fortune to be happy. I can still live comfortably, pay bills and debts, and still have some left over for fun!

Don’t stop learning

In previous generations, a lot of people didn’t have the opportunity to go to school and get a post-secondary education. Fortunately, they lived in an era where you could still build yourself a career without a degree or diploma.

Now that post-secondary education is more accessible for young people, and financing options are more readily available to help just about anyone get themselves through school, it’s important to take advantage of it! Don’t stop learning once you graduate – keep learning throughout your life and career.

People don’t give enough credit to Moms out there. They’re one of the biggest reasons you’re standing on your own two feet today. So on days like Mother’s Day, be sure to thank your Mom for everything she has done to get you to where you are today.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

What’s the most importnat career lesson you learned from your mother? Share your story below!