Investing In The Future: Why TJX Canada Is Passionate About Students And Grads


Many companies are recognizing the value of investing in young talent. And TJX Canada is one of them.

As a Campus Talent Acquisition Manager, Natasha Reichen is responsible for managing strategies in order to connect with ambitious grads looking for a rewarding career. She says a huge part of her role is managing student placements at the company, and making sure they have an elevated experience.

It’s not just about going through the motions of a job – TJX Canada wants to make sure that everyone who comes through their company accomplishes great things. After all, a personal success benefits the company as well.

Joining the team

The student placement program is a great way for students to explore TJX Canada’s business as a whole. And there’s a lot to take in.

“I organize a tour for the students so they understand how the merchandise flows to the stores,” says Natasha. “We conduct an info session, and they get to mix and mingle with other co-op students at the company to help them understand the company outside of their individual roles.”

TJX Canada is dedicated to developing a sense of community in their team. They make an effort to help students feel included in their processes, and give them opportunities to express their opinions and advice for the company.

One of the ways that TJX Canada does this is through their yearbook. Natasha says every semester, they do editorials complete with fashion photoshoots and hiring manager/student interviews. They even have the opportunity to have breakfast with the president of the company!

“Students that enroll into school programs with an internship component have a huge edge on the competition. Students are so intelligent and bright, and they’re part of so many things on campus. They’re fantastic at networking, and I think that having co-op and internship experience builds their resume and skillset and helps them launch their career a lot quicker.”
Natasha Reichen, Campus Talent Acquisition Manager at TJX Canada

“It’s great because they get that exposure and ask great questions,” says Natasha. “We’re really working with the students to help them develop while they’re here. So it’s a win-win for both of us!”

Students aren’t the only ones who are eligible to join the TJX Canada team. Natasha says that their company is always on the lookout for new grads that are interested in kicking off their career in one of TJX Canada’s entry-level roles.

Two popular positions for new grads are the Allocations Analyst and the Merchandise Assistant roles. Natasha says that Allocation Analysts are responsible for working with the buying and planning teams to create shipping strategies so that the product is at the right place at the right time for the customer. Merchandise Assistants have the opportunity to act as the right hand to the buyer, working with vendors and samples and communicating with distribution centres.

Students can also apply to work in a variety of co-op roles. Natasha says that they hire students for positions like Store Designer, Technical Analysts, Internal Auditor, Junior Budget Analyst, Business Analysts, to name a few!
How students and new grads benefit

Once you’ve secured a job, it goes without saying that you will gain experience. But how extensive and valuable your experience will be depends largely on the company you work with.

At TJX, all new associates receive standard job training for their role. The training is interactive and in-depth, and can consist of a variety of in-class training sessions and workshops. From there, managers can recommend them for additional training to enhance their skills in related.

Because of this customized training structure, students can focus on the areas of their skillset that they want to improve. On top of this, the TJX Canada team consistently provides feedback to their employees.

“[Students] are evaluated midway through their work term,” says Natasha. “They also work with the hiring manager and they get continuous feedback so they know how they’re performing.”

Natasha says it’s up to the individual to demonstrate and show their ambition and skills to their manager and team. But dedicated individuals will have the opportunity to advance their career within the company.

“We are growing, so there is opportunity for career growth in our organization,” says Natasha. “So if that’s of value to them, we’re definitely an employer that they should consider.”

How TJX Canada benefits

One can wonder why a company as large and successful as TJX Canada would invest so much time and energy into training and growing young professional careers. The answer is simpler than you think: it helps their business.

“Our students impact us every day,” says Natasha. “Their managers give them the autonomy, and they make decisions that positively impact our company.”

Want a successful career at TJX? Here are Natasha’s tips:

  1. Build relationships – TJX Canada’s culture is built heavily around making connections with others, whether it’s your client or your co-worker
  2. Develop a passion for retail – If you’re going to work in the business, you should know all about it, and enjoy it!
  3. Have great communication skills – If you identify as a problem solver or a leader, then TJX Canada is the place for you

Interns and co-op students who have worked with TJX Canada have a particular edge – while they are required to go through the standard application process along with external candidates, they come with an understanding of the company’s specific business model and how it operates. But Natasha says in order to stand out in your internship, you need to go the extra mile.

“The students that I’ve seen stand out are the ones that build strong relationships with their team,” she says. “They’re the ones that aren’t afraid to ask questions and are able to provide solutions and recommendations to anything, whether it’s project related or not.”

To sum up, TJX Canada is a place where aspiring young professionals can go to make a difference.

“New grads want to come in and make a positive impact,” says Natasha. They want to be part of something big. They want to contribute to the business right away, which is great!”

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