5 Reasons To Explore A Career In Insurance


If you like working with people, exercising your analytical side, and problem solving, then hatching a career in insurance could be the right step for you.

The insurance industry has a wide variety of jobs that can suit a wide scope of people with very different skills sets. In Canada, the insurance industry is one of the country’s leading investors, which helps the governments to finance projects that provide money for Canadian businesses to develop. It’s truly a key industry in the Canadian business landscape.

Insurance also helps Canadians rebuild and recover after unfortunate events. Property and casualty insurance pay $16 billion each year to Canadians for medical treatment, loss of wages, repairs to damaged property and replacement of goods or services.

Want more information on how a career in insurance can ensure you have a fulfilling and exciting career? Read on!

1. The insurance industry is surprisingly creative

For an industry that can sometimes be seen as fairly concrete in its practices, insurance allows its workers to flex their creative muscles much more than you may think. Solving problems and developing new and innovative risk solutions for customers requires creative individuals to stand out. If you can think against the grain, then insurance might allow you to continue exercising your creative muscles while working in an established and stable industry.

2. You can get involved in a global industry

Everyone, in every part of the world, needs insurance. Whether there’s a flood in an individual’s home or an accident on the highway, insurance can help people get back on their feet all over the world. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to work overseas, then an insurance job would provide options for you almost anywhere.

3. There are never ending opportunities for advancement

A career in insurance will take you as far as you want to go, and always give you room to grow. Taking an entry level job in insurance will show you the span of work you can do and give you lots of options and ideas for how you can develop your role. There’s a whole scope of roles out there and there will be plenty of opportunities for mentorship to help you decide where to go.

4. A sense of community and connections

For a huge industry, insurance is surprisingly close knit. There’s a great emphasis on starting and strengthening relationships, which can help drive your career forward and expand your network for the future.

5. A stable career in a growing industry

With an enormous network of industry professionals and a constant need for the different services, insurance isn’t going anywhere. If you’re looking to start your career in a stable industry where you’ll always have fulfilling work to do, then insurance could definitely work for you.

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