Feeling Scattered? Here Are 5 Tips For Organizing Your Workspace


No matter what size your workspace is, it’s important that you keep it tidy.

An organized desk and office helps you to be more productive because it means you can find things quickly and easily. Plus, an orderly workspace prevents potential embarrassment in case a co-worker, client, or boss drop by unexpectedly. It’s is a sign of professionalism and, more importantly, an organized employee.

Here are five top tips for making your workspace work:

1. Develop your own colour code

Use different coloured office supplies to help you keep track of things.

Try colour-coded stickynotes for reminders or items you need to flag; inks on a calendar where you write in meetings, deadlines and vacation time; folders for keeping related documents together; and highlighters for organizing your to-do list and notes from meetings.

Having your own colour code will help you navigate your documents and organizers faster. It can be a huge time-saver, and it will show your co-workers that you’re on top of your game!

2. Use the tools at your disposal

Think outside the box – a handful of office supplies can go a long way in keeping your desk de-cluttered.

Try wrapping up loose wires and cords with binder clips, twist ties or elastic bands. Get a small file tray or organizer to keep papers organized and out of sight, and use a mug or jar to hold your pens, pencils and other writing instruments.

You may also want to use dividers in your desk drawers to organize loose items like paper clips, staples, pushpins, magnets, scissors and more.

3. Make use of wall space

Office or cubicle walls are a great place to put important things like calendars, production plans, budgets, business cards and your colleagues’ contact information.

Use pushpins or tape to attach documents you reference regularly to your wall in order to free up valuable real estate on your desk. (You can also make your workspace look less cluttered by keeping your trash bin, computer processor and a bag with any extra shoes or clothes you keep at the office under your desk.)

4. Keep it clean

At least once every other week, wipe down your computer, keyboard, mouse and phone with a disinfectant – you’d probably be surprised at how much bacteria and dust builds up in your workspace over time.

Don’t leave dirty dishes lying around either since that will instantly make your desk look messy and unkempt, and could attract ants or other unwanted guests.

5. Add a few personal touches

While it’s great to keep your workspace neat and tidy with minimal clutter, it doesn’t have to be completely devoid of personality.

A few pictures, a piece of artwork or a crafty item like a homemade paperweight or one-of-a-kind mouse pad can help to make the space your own – bonus points if you can find organizers or stationary that fits your personality as well! Chances are you spend a lot of time at your desk, so you want to make sure you feel comfortable at it!

How do you de-clutter your workspace? Tell us below!