My Career Highlight: How Reynolds And Reynolds Got Me There


For every successful individual, there’s a whole team of people who helped them achieve their goals.

This is very true for aspiring professionals who start their careers with Reynolds and Reynolds. Known for their stellar training programs and supportive company culture, their company is a hotspot for new grads looking to gain experience with a reputable company.

What’s more, many of these new grads go on to grow their careers with the company, exploring new fields, and building more diverse skillsets. TalentEgg had the opportunity to chat with three employees at Reynolds and Reynolds who have achieved new heights in their careers since joining the company.

Annie Min, Product Specialist

“Be patient, and the jobs you want will come along. If you’re willing to put in the time, you’ll get a lot of benefits out of working at Reynolds and Reynolds.”
Annie Min
Product Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds

Annie has only been a Product Specialist for a few months, but she’s learned a lot from her run so far with Reynolds and Reynolds.

Her day-to-day role involves testing existing software programs. She and her colleagues are always focused on making sure everything is error-free when it reaches their customers. She loves the fact that she gets to work independently and own her part of the work.

“You’re basically on your own when you’re working,” she says. “When these go to customers, they may use it in a different way than intended… it feels good to challenge yourself to catch problems before it goes out to dealership.”

Annie started with Reynolds and Reynolds in Customer Support, where she spent her time working with various dealerships over the phone, and resolving their software issues. She says it was a great opportunity for her to familiarize herself with the products Reynolds and Reynolds provides their customers.

“Because I came from a customer service role, I know a lot of details about the product,” she says. “I use that knowledge to test the product on a deeper level.”

While Annie describes her role as independent, there are plenty of opportunities for her and her colleagues to swap information and ideas. Like Annie, many of her teammates have come from different departments within Reynolds and Reynolds. Between them, there is virtually no problem they can’t solve.

“I know more about parts and service software,” says Annie. “But my partner, who’s been here longer than I have, can help when there’s a product update.”

Annie says she loves the team she works with right now. While she enjoyed working on the front lines, she was eager to try her hand at working “behind the scenes”. She says her time in customer service taught her a lot, but this change has only brought on good things so far.

Her advice to new grads? “Give Reynolds and Reynolds a try,” she says. “You’ll love it – this company is a good start, everyone is friendly, and you’ll have a great time!”

Aidan McCardle, Account Manager

“Reynolds and Reynolds is a great company – their long term focus is like nothing I’ve ever worked with before. They’re very forward thinking and they really look after their people.”
Aidan McCardle
Account Manager, Reynolds and Reynolds

Aidan has only been on board with Reynolds and Reynolds for 8 months – but he can’t picture working anywhere else.

His brother had worked for 4 years with the company when Aidan decided to apply. Through him, he was able to meet lots of people, and quickly became a part of the Reynolds and Reynolds team.

Aidan says there is no typical day when it comes to being an Account Manager. His main goal is to build connections with the company’s existing customer base, and strengthen business through providing solutions.

“It’s a good, challenging job,” he says. “Some days, I’m making phone calls to set up meetings with busy clients. When I’m in those meetings, I often have discussions to find out what issues they have, and figuring out how we can resolve it.”

“Reynolds and Reynolds is a company you can work for your entire life. You can start out somewhere and end up anywhere you’d like to be. If you have an inkling for something different, you just need to reach out.”
Aidan McCardle
Account Manager, Reynolds and Reynolds

Aidan didn’t initially come from the automotive industry, so everything was new to him. He’s learned everything from how people buy cars to how the business works behind the scenes. Plus, he’s learned the art of sales – and he says there’s a lot more to it than people think.

“Customers might have a need, and they want you to help them,” he says. “Sometime they’re clear, and sometimes it’s a bit of a process to find out what they want. But in the end, it’s about how you can help them and provide for their needs.”

Even though Aidan’s been in his role for a short period of time, he feels like it’s something he could do happily for the next 10 years.

“Reynolds and Reynolds is really open to their employees moving between departments,” he says. “If an opportunity opened itself up, I’d be more than willing to fill it… but even if nothing came up, I’d be happy here.”

Jose Cascajares, Field Hardware Specialist

“Reynolds and Reynolds hires a lot of students. They don’t require you to bring the experience – they want to give you experience and teach them their ways. So as long as you’re willing to learn, it’ll be a great start for you.”
Jose Cascajares
Field Hardware Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds

Three years ago, Jose accepted a job at Reynolds and Reynolds to work in Logistics – back then, he had no idea this role would lead to him finding a new career path as a Field Hardware Specialist.

He began in the warehouse, where he would receive and sort stock. It was a good entry role that gave him insight into different departments – in his role, he would work with the Field Hardware Specialists and ship them the parts that they required.

The Field Hardware Specialist role intrigued him – he himself had previously studied engineering in University. He began working closely with them to find out what their job was like. After observing for awhile, Jose felt he had found a great prospective career.

“As soon as the position opened, I applied,” says Jose. “I was really excited to jump into that field.”

Jose says his new team is incredibly supportive. He’s only been in his new role a few months, but many of his teammates have been working at Reynolds and Reynolds for a long time – some over 17 years!

“In our department, it’s small and we’re like a family,” he says. “Everyone’s always willing to help, so it makes for a really good environment.”

In his role, Jose has a number of different responsibilities – he does everything from conducting hardware troubleshooting to answering customer questions to help them with any issues they might be experiencing. While a lot can happen in a day, Jose likes the fast pace of his job.

“Being a computer technician, you don’t expect to work that much with people,” says Jose. “They don’t teach you in school how to treat people and how to be professional. But it’s great to build that rapport.”

Reynolds and Reynolds has given Jose the opportunity to take courses and learn beyond his role. He says since technology is always evolving, he wants to keep up and always be informed, and he’s grateful that the company has given him the means to do so.

“Because I had been away from the engineering field for awhile, it was a great refresher,” says Jose, referring to the different certifications and courses that he’s taken through Reynolds and Reynolds.

For the future, Jose says he wants to stay and continue learning with Reynolds and Reynolds. He knows he may have the opportunity to work as a supervisor someday, but he knows a lot of his fellow Field Hardware Specialists have stayed in their roles for a long time because they enjoy the work.

“Reynolds and Reynolds is a great company, and I want to keep learning more,” says Jose. “For me, I always want to go where the challenges are.”

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