5 Reasons Why Students And Grads Should Pursue A Retail Career


If the word “retail” brings up shuddering memories of that part-time seasonal job from your senior year in high school, take a step back for a moment: the world of retail is a diverse industry with a lot of room for career development, and success.

With such a wide range of possible roles, from the floor to head office, almost any set of experiences and skills can be put to use. Whatever your passion – whether it’s working with people, visual design, promoting a product, or the product itself – the retail sector has a lot of room for creativity in the workplace with ample opportunity for personal growth.

Still unconvinced? Read on through the list below for our top reasons to explore a career in retail.

1. Ideal for grads

Whether you’ve recently graduated with a degree directly relating to retail management, a general business degree, or even something broader such as marketing or communications, landing a managerial role in the retail sector is a great way to launch your career and put your education to work.

Because retail is such a huge industry, there are always positions to be filled, and not just on the store floor: look for positions that match your interests. Are you a number cruncher? You may be interested in a merchandising or buying position. More visually inclined? Become a visual merchandiser, responsible for designing attractive store designs & displays.

2. Room to move

Let’s emphasize again the variety of roles you can assume in the retail sector. Retail jobs aren’t all stocking shelves or working a cash register. A single business requires a wide range of personality types and skill sets in order to be successful.

From buying & merchandising to human resources to marketing and information technology, retail spans a full gamut of possible career paths. Moreover, many retail businesses tend to hire internally: show that you’re a committed and motivated employee, and opportunities for growth will open themselves up to you.

3. Perpetual motion

The old adage “never a dull day” is particularly true in retail. Dealing with customers, suppliers, and other members of the team on a continual basis means that no day is ever the same. Moreover, a store is constantly in motion, and rare is the day when you find yourself sitting back with nothing to do.

Customer concerns are a constant responsibility of anyone in the retail field, in any position, and keeping up with their needs is a full-time job in and of itself. Retail is an ideal environment for those who thrive off a busy work culture that keeps you moving throughout the day.

4. A flexible schedule

Sometimes you have other commitments in your life that make working a regular nine-to-five difficult, or maybe you just prefer to keep irregular hours. If that’s the case, retail may have a particular draw for you in that it can offer a little more flexibility in its hours.

This is especially true of floor management – whether it’s taking an early shift or staying late. Moreover, retail scheduling tend to allow more freedom in terms of taking certain days off, rather than being confined to a Monday to Friday grind.

5. Product passion

Last but certainly not least, working in retail is a fantastic opportunity to engage with something you’re passionate about. Having enthusiasm for your work is a crucial element in feeling successful and satisfied in your career, and retail is a great opportunity to engage with that passion.

Whether it’s a hobby you’ve had as long as you can remember or just a gadget you find pretty neat, working for a business that deals with that product is a satisfying way to put your knowledge to use.

Do you love working in retail? Tell us why in the comments!