From Administration To Marketing And Beyond At Reynolds And Reynolds: Meet Recent Grads


What are your career aspirations?

Reynolds and Reynolds offers a diverse range of roles and careers for new grads. From their in-depth training programs to their professional and supportive work environments, Reynolds and Reynolds is clearly committed to helping their employees grow and succeed in their roles.

We had the opportunity to chat with recent grads who have hatched their careers with the company. They have great stories and advice to share – check it out!

Nicole Tian: Uncovering a passion for HR

Nicole Tian
University of Toronto
Psychology and Communications Major 2014

Like many young, aspiring professionals, Nicole Tian felt uncertain at the beginning of her career journey. She had just graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Psychology and Communications.

“I was a new grad, confused and unsure about my career path,” she said. She shared that one of the biggest challenges when starting out was applying for jobs – most of them needed a minimum of 2 years of industry experience.

“When I found Reynolds and Reynolds, they didn’t ask for formal experience,” said Nicole. “They provide a nurturing experience for new grads, which was something I valued in a company.”

Soon after applying, Nicole was hired as a Receptionist and Recruiting Administrator. Her tasks involved supporting the same recruitment team that brought her on board. She says this was a great starting role for her, as it gave her an introduction to a career in recruitment. It also gave her insight on how all the different processes were linked together.

Nicole says one of the most important things she’s learned during her time at Reynolds and Reynolds is the importance of time management.

“I’m responsible for keeping myself on schedule with countless applicants at different stages of recruiting,” she says. “Phone calls can come in throughout the day, and it can distract me from my current task. So I need to keep myself on a schedule and plan accordingly.”

Since starting with the company, Nicole has been promoted to a Recruiting Assistant role. She is responsible for putting out job postings, reviewing resumes, contacting applicants, and assisting them when they come in for appointments. She says this opportunity with Reynolds and Reynolds has inspired her to pursue a career in HR.

“As a new grad, I wasn’t sure what my career path would be – my degree was pretty general,” she says. “Now, I see myself growing in the field of HR. I hope to see myself as an HR Manager someday.”

Patrick Nguyen: Taking pride in helping others

Patrick Nguyen
University of Montreal
Economics/Administration Major 2014

Patrick Nguyen is a Bilingual Software Support Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds. His role is all about solving problems – something he’s always had an affinity for.

In his role, he’s responsible for assisting dealerships over the phone and analyzing any software issues they may be experiencing. Patrick breaks down this process into two steps: identifying the issue, then solving it. But often, this process can prove a bit trickier than his approach may imply.

“To customers, a bug is a bug, as long as there’s an error message,” he says. “They don’t necessarily understand the problem. So I’m responsible for guiding them and describing the problem to them.”

If he’s encountered the problem before, Patrick says this process can be pretty smooth. If it’s a new issue he’s never tackled before, he says it can require some hard work. But he says he’s always confident it can be resolved in the end, because he has a whole team behind him to help him solve it.

“I can always ask my Team Lead or colleagues for help when I’m stuck with something,” he says. “The thing that I like here is that it’s a small family. That’s why I really like to work here.”

Patrick says the biggest thing he’s learned from his role at Reynolds and Reynolds is the value of patience. Not all problems are resolved quickly, and he’s learned how to keep calm when helping a customer to reach a proper solution.

“I really like helping others,” says Patrick. “It’s a good feeling, you know? And I believe there is a solution to every problem. It’s a huge relief once you find it.”

Patrick believes that Reynolds and Reynolds is a great company to work for long-term. He hopes to move upwards within the company into a Sr. Executive role someday. For new grads, he says it’s a great place to gain multidisciplinary knowledge.

“At Reynolds and Reynolds, it’s not just about accounting or programming,” he says. “It’s a little bit of everything… it’s a great environment to grow in if you want to have knowledge in different fields instead of just one.”

Luke Reynolds: Finding success in a new field

Luke Reynolds
Mount St. Vincent University
English Major 2013

Luke Reynolds had two close friends who were working at Reynolds and Reynolds when he graduated from Mount St. Vincent University. He saw how much they enjoyed the challenges they got to take on in their roles, and the opportunity piqued his interest.

“I always liked sales and competing with others and myself,” he says. Luke decided to apply with the company, and soon began working as a Forms and Marketing Consultant.

Luke’s role is all about customer interactions, creating new relationships, as well as nurturing established customer relationships. He is responsible for heading out to the dealerships and sitting down with contacts. From there, his day can involve anything from taking inventory to discussing services and solutions to benefit the client.

Luke didn’t always picture himself in a sales role. In university, he majored in English – but he took some marketing and psychology courses as well, which really helped him understand and embrace his position in sales. He admits there’s a bit more math involved in his job than he was used to in school, but he’s picked up a lot of skills in the field that help him determine where a client is headed financially.

Luke says persistence is one of the most valuable qualities he’s gained in his role. “It’s humbling, but useful,” he says. “Things don’t always go the way you expect, but the whole sales experience has taught me that the more you show your face, the more people will warm up to you.”

Each day presents a unique set of challenges, and Luke has learned to think quickly on his feet. Some of the most important skills Luke has developed in his role are objection handling and listening skills.

“A lot of times, people think sales is all about talking,” he says. “But it’s really about asking the right questions and listening to what the customer responds with. That way, you can figure out how to help them.”

Luke says he wants to advance in his role until he develops a sense of comfort and becomes the biggest asset to Reynold and Reynolds possible. As someone who graduated fairly recently, he encourages students and grads to stay positive during their job hunt, and find something that they are passionate about.

“It’s a big change – take it one day at a time,” he says. “The key is finding a job you love doing. Something you will love to do every day.”

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