Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Apply To Be A Bullfrog Ambassador


For students and grads, hunting for your first job can seem like a shot in the dark.

There are so many factors to consider. Will your role lead to career advancement? Are the skills you will learn relevant to your career aspirations? And most importantly, will you enjoy your time in that role?

Bullfrog Power is a company that has helped many students and grads launch successful careers. Plus, they’re looking for new talent to expand and improve their team.

If you still need some convincing, read on for the top 4 reasons to become a Bullfrog Ambassador!

1. Find meaningful work

To be successful in your work, it helps to be passionate about the product or service that your company delivers.

Bullfrog Power provides homes and businesses with a clean, renewable energy option. Our Bullfrog Ambassadors are responsible for taking this message out to homes in the community.

“Our mission is to inspire and empower people to move towards a renewably powered future,” says Brent Lowe, VP of Organizational Effectiveness.

Bullfrog Ambassadors are responsible for going door to door and connecting with members of their community.

“Most people don’t realize they have an opportunity to choose green energy,” says Brent. “We educate and encourage people to join the Bullfrog community by making the choice to go green.”

2. Work with an amazing team

Brent says one of the top questions asked by candidates during interviews is “What is the work culture at Bullfrog?”. Students and grads are increasingly looking for a workplace that shares their values.

Bullfrog Power is a group of talented individuals who come to work each day with a commitment to creating positive change. And they have lots of fun while doing it!

“Being surrounded by people who share the same values and share the same vision of the future makes coming to work so easy,” says Brent. “And I think that’s something that’s difficult to find in other companies.”

That drive to make a difference truly motivates the team to work together. Even though many Bullfrog Ambassadors work solo in the field, they are connected by their shared mission to promote green energy to Canadians everywhere.

3. Acquire valuable skills

By nature, Bullfrog Ambassadors are top communicators, dedicated to their work, and driven to create their own success.

However, there is always something new to learn in any role worth taking on. Everyone on the Bullfrog Ambassador team is committed to continuous improvement and helping each other reach their goals.

All Bullfrog Ambassadors receive great support – a combination of training videos, Skype video training, and hands-on field training. This helps Bullfrog Ambassadors perform confidently while working solo in the field. And this is where most of their skills are developed.

“It’s really neat to watch how our ambassadors grow during their time working,” says Brent. He says that Bullfrog Ambassadors gain and sharpen important skills like building rapport on the spot with customers and how to deliver a strong and persuasive sales pitch. Plus, they receive regular feedback on their performance from their mentors and peers.

“It’s a skillset they’ll take with them wherever they go,” says Brent. “We are looking for people who will look back and say ‘I learned some really critical things that I’ll use for the rest of my life.’”

4. A chance for career growth

Being stuck at a dead-end job is something students, grads, and even experienced professionals fear.

Bullfrog Power is a huge believer in promoting from within. They spend a lot of time investing in their Bullfrog Ambassadors’ skills so they can grow within the company. After all, who better to train new team members than those who have experienced the role first hand?

“Everyone who is managing the team today started on the front line and grew to a Team Lead position over time,” says Brent.

Once a Bullfrog Ambassador is successful in managing their own territory, they can move on to helping others do the same. Those who demonstrate the required skills and motivation will be the first people considered for Mentor, Team Lead, or Team Manager roles. And with Bullfrog Power’s plans to expand their team, they will definitely need individuals to take a leading role in shaping future Bullfrog Ambassadors!

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