Average Starting Salaries – Agriculture 2015


Canada’s agriculture industry contains many sectors – so it’s not surprising that the career offerings for recent grads and professionals of all ages are equally as diverse.

Not only are the career opportunities in agriculture vast, but they are also unique depending on where you decide to hatch your career. Each province has its own resources that meet the needs of certain consumer demands and ultimately contribute to the Canadian economy. Engineers, scientists, business professionals, and labourers are but a small snapshot of what agriculture in Canada has to offer.

It’s Agriculture Week at TalentEgg, and we’ve researched some of the most popular agriculture jobs to give you an idea of what you can expect salary-wise. It is important to note that this list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a great starting point. Check it out!

Vancouver, BC 50,201
Calgary, AB 54,777
Edmonton, AB 53,184
Saskatoon, SK 49,626
Regina, SK 50,474
Winnipeg, MB 44,926
Toronto, ON 50,636
Montreal, QC 47,967
Quebec City, QC 47,944
Halifax, NS 45,978
Quality Assurance Specialist
Vancouver, BC 48,423
Calgary, AB 55,429
Edmonton, AB 51,621
Saskatoon, SK 48,782
Regina, SK 54,050
Winnipeg, MB 44,421
Toronto, ON 48,986
Montreal, QC 47,232
Quebec City, QC 46,769
Halifax, NS 47,860
Environmental Scientist
Vancouver, BC 47,805
Calgary, AB 52,209
Edmonton, AB 50,718
Saskatoon, SK 49,389
Regina, SK 49,333
Winnipeg, MB 45,787
Toronto, ON 45,693
Montreal, QC 45,555
Quebec City, QC 46,198
Halifax, NS 46,116
Quality Control Analyst
Vancouver, BC 39,776
Calgary, AB 43,080
Edmonton, AB 41,534
Saskatoon, SK 39,169
Regina, SK 39,246
Winnipeg, MB 36,793
Toronto, ON 39,600
Montreal, QC 38,483
Quebec City, QC 39,006
Halifax, NS 37,060
Laboratory Assistant (Soil & Water Testing)
Vancouver, BC 36,345
Calgary, AB 39,150
Edmonton, AB 37,950
Saskatoon, SK 34,563
Regina, SK 34,904
Winnipeg, MB 32,658
Toronto, ON 36,535
Montreal, QC 35,147
Quebec City, QC 34,543
Halifax, NS 32,714
Vancouver, BC 45,607
Calgary, AB 50,230
Edmonton, AB 49,928
Saskatoon, SK 44,143
Regina, SK 44,223
Winnipeg, MB 38,730
Toronto, ON 45,671
Montreal, QC 42,883
Quebec City, QC 39,597
Halifax, NS 40,577


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