Choosing A Greener Career: How You Can Make A Positive Impact As A Bullfrog Ambassador


What if you could work with a fun, passionate team and advocate for a great cause each day?

This is exactly what Bullfrog Power’s team does all over the country. This company is making waves, promoting the use of clean energy to Canadians. Not only that – they make it easy to choose green energy.

“Our mission is to inspire and empower people to lead the way to a renewably powered future,” says Brent Lowe. Brent is the VP of Organizational Effectiveness at Bullfrog, and he’s seen the Bullfrog Ambassador team grow and improve from year to year.

So, are you the right fit for the Bullfrog Ambassador team? Read on and find out!

Work culture

Of all the questions Brent gets from interview candidates, “work culture” inquiries are some of the most frequent. Today, students and grads like you aren’t simply looking for a place to make money – you’re looking for a place where you share the company values and love the work they do.

“Bullfrog Power is a group of people who come to work every day to make a difference,” says Brent. “We have a team of super talented people who really believe in what we do… and we have a lot of fun together!”

Each week, a company-wide huddle is held. One person is chosen to be the chairperson of the week – that can be anyone in the company. The selected chairperson chooses one of the company values, and shares a personal story about how that value has impacted them. For those in the field, a summary of the meeting is sent out by the end of the day.

“Working in a company with people who share the same values and share the same vision of the future makes coming to work so easy,” says Brent. “And I think that’s something that’s difficult to find in other companies.”

Brent says that the work that Bullfrog Ambassadors do is celebrated across the company each week. Ambassadors are in the community and working towards the same vision, and that knowledge motivates and drives each individual to work harder.

Being a Bullfrog Ambassador

The Bullfrog Ambassadors, commonly known as BAs within the team, spend their time going door-to-door in communities meeting with homeowners and telling them about the work Bullfrog does.

“Most people don’t realize they have an opportunity to choose green energy,” says Marcus Rochefort, a BA Team Lead. “We educate and encourage people to join the Bullfrog community by making the choice to go green.”

Want to be a Bullfrog Ambassador? Here are 3 key qualities you’ll need:

  1. Be committed – you must believe in the green energy movement!
  2. Be driven – BAs must be motivated to create their own success and achieve their goals.
  3. Be a great communicator – this job is all about making connections and building rapport.

Once homeowners learn about their option to go green, BAs help them through the process of switching to 100% clean renewable energy. Because of these extensive one-on-one interactions, Bullfrog team members are great communicators and exude positivity.

“Everyone on our team is focused on continually improving,” says Brent.

Bullfrog Power is committed to cultivating their team’s talent. Every BA receives extensive training, consisting of pre-recorded training videos, Skype video training, and in-field training.

“It’s a combination of pre-recorded training and customized mentorship,” says Brent. “It’s really neat to watch how our ambassadors grow during their time working with us.”

Brent says that BAs get a lot of practice honing their skills in the field – skills that are transferrable to almost any work environment, like building rapport and making sales pitches. And with all that, they get constant feedback and coaching as they go.

Goal-setting is a huge part of being a BA. It’s a way to measure your success, and help you adjust your strategy and approach in order to improve yourself. Team Leads and Mentors work with BAs to set realistic goals, so they can feel they put in a good day’s work when they achieve it.

One of the biggest challenges BAs face is hearing “no” when meeting a homeowner. Marcus says that while it’s not the most fun part of the job, it is necessary in order to achieve your goals.

“Rejection is not easy or comfortable… but learning how to manage it is a critical part of success in life,” he says.

BAs that have successfully met their goals and exceeded expectations have the opportunity to grow into a Team Lead, Mentor, or Manager role. In fact, Brent says that every Team Lead they have right now started off as a BA, and worked their way up to a managerial role.

“Once a BA is successful in managing their own territory, the hope is that they will move up and help other do the same,” says Brent.

Advice and insights

This summer, the Bullfrog Power team will grow exponentially. There will be lots of new team members, all looking to grow and achieve great things in their careers.

Brent’s advice for aspiring BAs is to commit to setting and achieving their goals.

“This is an opportunity to develop some critical business and life skills,” he says. “Our experience is that those who fully commit to the role, have the best results and maximize the learning opportunity.”

Aspiring BAs should also connect with more experienced team members. Since the majority of the management team started off in a BA role, they are likely to have top advice for those who are looking to succeed.

Above all, Brent encourages students and grads to join the Bullfrog Power team because it is meaningful work that offers significant learning opportunities and can pay well.

Recently, his current team took a moment to reflect on their success over the last year. Because of their work, Bullfrog was able to support new renewable energy projects across Canada. And it was an amazing feeling to know that their work made a difference.

“Because [BAs have] been encouraging people to join the Bullfrog community, the Canadian renewable energy landscape has changed,” says Brent.

Interested in joining the Bullfrog team? Find out more here!