Feeling burnt out at school? Here's how to get your balance back.

Feeling Burnt Out At School? Here’s How To Get Your Balance Back.


As a student, keeping the balance between your homework and career plans is very important.

While you must be focused and dedicated to your assignments and long projects, you also need to remember that books aren’t everything! It’s important to keep perspective and make plans for your career once your student chapter is over.

If you’re a student struggling to keep the balance, we have some great advice!

Take it one step at a time

It’s easy to forget that balance is more of a process than a destination. Your balance can change from day to day – and that’s okay.

At school, it can be easy to lose yourself in your books – studying is still important, but being a full-time bookworm will cause you to miss out on huge opportunities to make long-term memories. It is important to have fun in life with the balance of studying and finding jobs.

There are a lot of students who are burnt out by the end of the semester – many of them end up dropping courses due to exhaustion. They’re not looking forward to taking on the adventure of finding their career paths.

Remember that one bad day is not going to ruin your life (even thought it can sometimes feel that way!). Life can throw unexpected things at you, and from time to time, you will have to take a step back and re-evaluate where you stand. Your approach last month might not apply this month, so you’ll have to be flexible.


Life is all about taking small steps and working towards a big goal. As said before, you’re not going to be a student forever, and it’s your chance to get excited for your future. Look at both sides of the coin – don’t just focus on one side.

Prioritize your tasks. Make sure your attention isn’t only focused on homework. It helps to have an organizer to keep track of what needs to be done – block in deadlines and the amount of time it will take to get each task done. That way, your commitments won’t pile up, and you can rest easy!

Don’t burn yourself out. It’s important to get tasks done, but if you miss one, don’t stress out. Think about it this way – is my success for the near future hinging on this one task? If the answer is no, you can rest easy, and get to it tomorrow.

Surround yourself with positivity. Reward yourself for small accomplishments – not just the big ones. And if you have some negative stress to get rid of, beat it by getting active. Try working out at the gym or taking a walk around your neighbourhood – it will make a huge difference by strengthening you mentally and physically, while giving you energy and motivation.

Life is all about learning and growing from your day to day experiences. Have a positive mindset, and don’t get hung up on minor setbacks – in the long run, your learnings will bring you two steps forward.

How do you keep your life in balance? Share your tips below.

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Amna Khaliq Amna Khaliq is completing her MBA in Community Economic Development at Cape Breton University. She has a B.Comm Honours degree from the University of Windsor. When she’s not busy studying, you can find her exploring different cultures (she has been to more than dozen countries in four different continents), hitting the local gym, baking sweets, or spending time with her parents.