3 Tips for A Successful Career in Canada’s Mining Industry

3 Tips for A Successful Career in Canada’s Mining Industry


Many recent graduates have identified Canada’s mining industry as their industry of choice to launch their long-term careers. But as with every industry, mining comes with its own set of challenges.

The TalentEgg team has decided to offer a some tips for a successful career in the mining industry. Check it out!

1) Know Your Industry

This may seem like an obvious point – but many aspiring professionals in mining jump right into the game without doing their research. It’s important to know about the nuances of your industry, before you land your entry level position.

The mining industry has operations in nearly every region across the country. Canada’s geography is extremely diverse – so naturally, every region industry will vary based on the resources it holds. Because of this, your career opportunities will be dictated by your location and what companies are hiring in your region.

If you find out what jobs are in-demand in the mining industry, as well as the positions that will be in-demand in the near future, you’ll be in a better spot to evaluate where you want to focus your career plan. Young professionals and recent graduates can stay up-to-date on their industry in several ways: subscribing to industry-related magazines/newsletters, joining a formal industry-related organization, or even getting information directly from senior co-workers.

2) Build Relationships

Not only is the mining industry incredibly large – it is incredibly diverse and specialized. This means success in one field of the industry may not necessarily translate into success in another. However, the valuable relationships you build in any role can be your greatest aspect as you navigate your career path.

In fact there are a variety of platforms aspiring mining professionals can utilize to connect and learn from industry professionals. Most universities and colleges host a myriad of student groups and clubs that are formally associated with industry organizations.

For those already working in the industry, there are a lot of resources at their disposal. Young mining professionals can get involved with their industry by joining formal mining associations.

More importantly, young professionals should work to build with relationships with senior staff as early in their career as possible. By leveraging connections with fellow employees and senior staff, young professionals can receive better hands-on training and a better sense of how the industry works.

3) Always think bigger

Often, new graduates and young professional make the mistake of focusing their relationship-building efforts on senior staff and management. However, there is a lot to be gained from connecting with the workers on the ground.

When it comes to mining operations, these individuals are incredibly skilled in what they do, and will give you an in-depth understanding of how the industry works from a practical standpoint. Even if your ultimate goal is to move into management, understanding the front-line operations is key to running a successful team.

It’s also important to be open to learning experiences – just because you are a graduate in your field does not mean you know everything by a long shot. The work that this industry presents is demanding and dynamic. Taking on a variety of projects or enrolling in training programs is a great way to advance your career.

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