Education With Successful Careers In Mind: A Q&A With Jason Field, Founder of BrainStation


In today’s job market, technology, design, and business are all important skills to have.

It’s not uncommon for a graduate to enter their field, only to discover they are missing an important skillset that could set them apart from the competition.

Jason Field is the founder of BrainStation, an educational institution that is devoted to fuelling creativity in the next generation. They offer a variety of courses, catering to beginner and advanced students.

TalentEgg had the chance to ask Jason about BrainStation, and his advice to students and recent grads.

Education With Successful Careers In Mind: A Q&A With Jason Field, Founder of BrainStation
Jason Field, Founder of BrainStation

What is BrainStation?

Jason: BrainStation is a progressive educational institution that offers courses and workshops in technology, design and business. Recently acquired by Konrad Group, a global leader in the consumer and enterprise technology space, BrainStation is expanding throughout North America, starting with Toronto, New York, and Chicago.

How can a student/recent grad get involved with BrainStation?

Jason: Through our TalentEgg promotion, students/recent grads are provided $500 off any of our evening courses. We look forward to empowering you with the ability to create digitally!

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Could you describe a typical course? What can enrolled students expect?

Jason:Each part-time course is 12 weeks long for a total of 36 hours, and takes place during the hours of 6:45pm-9:45pm on different weeknights. Students can expect to be fully immersed in a challenging but collaborative learning environment, accompanied by other like-minded students looking to take the next step.

What is the learning environment like at BrainStation?

Jason:BrainStation’s class structure combines in-person instruction with online content and an adaptive curriculum. Small class sizes are led by industry professionals, providing an active, hands-on education that engages students to ask questions, challenge themselves, and build valuable new skills.

Part-time evening courses

Created and led by industry professionals, our courses provide you with the learning experience needed to design, develop and manage digital solutions. Our main courses include:

  • Intro to Web Development
  • Intro to iOS Development
  • User Design Experience
  • Intermediate Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Management

Corporate Training:
BrainStation’s enterprise workshops revolve around all of our areas of expertise to ensure your organization is able to thrive in the digital era.

BrainStation Academy:
Get started early and learn to build beautiful websites from scratch that scale across all devices including smartphones and tablets. These weekend course are for grades 9-12 and applicable for complete beginners.

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What makes BrainStation courses valuable to students and grads looking to launch a career?

Jason:Almost every job today either requires, or could benefit from, a working knowledge of technology, whether that is web development, graphic design, or digital marketing. By taking a BrainStation course, students and grads will separate themselves from their peers as they apply for positions.

How are the courses offered at BrainStation relevant to today’s in-demand industries?

Jason:Every major forecast for hiring trends shows a significant shortfall in qualified candidates in the fields of technology and design, and specifically software development. BrainStation’s courses directly teach these skillsets, providing graduates with access to a wealth of open job opportunities.

“My education at BrainStation has been an extraordinary experience. Opportunities that had previously seemed impossible because of my technical limitations now feel within reach, and new entrepreneurial ideas are coming to me in ways I had never anticipated before. And thanks to BrainStation, I’m just getting started.”
Grey Thompson,
BrainStation Alumni, 2013

What do you attribute BrainStation’s success to so far?

Jason:Staying true to their original vision of empowering the next generation of creators in the digital space, BrainStation’s focus is to continue equipping their students with the tools needed to achieve both their personal and professional goals.

We also place a lot of emphasis on making our courses FUN – we’re all about being inclusive, supportive, and low-stress in our approach.

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How can students decide which course is the best fit for them?

Jason: Our team at BrainStation is here to help you find the course that’s right for you! You can reach us by visiting our website and contacting us through our “contact” page, where a member from our qualified team will be happy to discuss your experiences and goals. You can also contact us by phone at 1-800-903-5159.

What advice do you have for students or recent grads looking to update their resumes?

Jason: Find a way to demonstrate that you understand and work with technology! We’re biased, of course, because that’s what we’re all about, but we hear feedback from employers all the time that every job today requires an excellent grasp on technology and the web. Any applicant who can demonstrate that skillset is one step ahead of the competition!

Find out more about BrainStation’s fantastic courses. Click here to get started!