Inside The Scarborough Hospital’s New Graduate Program With A Physician’s Assistant


In 2014, Jacob Eappen graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and began searching for a place where he could launch his healthcare career.

“I wanted to work in Internal Medicine as I found it was an area where you can really help patients that are ill,” says Jacob.

Today, Jacob works as a Physician’s Assistant with The Scarborough Hospital through their New Graduate Program. Although he’s only been in his role for a short time, he’s learned a great deal, and has built a solid foundation for his career.

The application process

Jacob’s career journey with The Scarborough Hospital began like any other applicant’s – with a resume and cover letter. In Jacob’s case, the application process with The Scarborough Hospital was fairly straightforward. After carefully preparing his resume and references, he submitted them to one of their job postings.

Jacob says he was called in for an interview for the New Graduate Program – a program where aspiring healthcare professionals can put their medical learnings to work in a professional environment. During the interview, he met with a representative from the hiring department to discuss the position, and tell them more about his qualifications.

“I think my past clinical experiences and how I learned from them and applied them to my practice made me stand out,” says Jacob.

Not long after, The Scarborough Hospital reached out to Jacob, offering him the role of Physician’s Assistant. Of course, it didn’t take long for Jacob to accept the position.

“The Scarborough Hospital is an institution I have heard many good things about,” he says. “I was happy to take part when I heard they were offering a position in Internal Medicine.”

The Scarborough Hospital’s Recruitment Process:

  1. Submit your application online – this includes your resume, cover letter, and references.
  2. Assessment – A team of HR professionals carefully assesses your skills, and compares them to the position you applied for.
  3. Short Listing – Qualified candidates may be short-listed for a phone interview, conducted by a Human Resources professional.
  4. In-Person Interview – After the phone interview, successful candidates may be invited to an in-person interview, where the candidate can learn more about The Scarborough Hospital.
  5. Reference Check – Each candidate will be required to provide 3 references to HR. A thorough background check will be conducted prior to a final hiring decision.
  6. Decisions – If the candidate fits the culture, goals, and values of The Scarborough Hospital, they will be extended a formal offer letter, as well as a Welcome Package!

Getting to work

The role of a Physician’s Assistant is to support physicians in their practice. Their responsibilities typically consist of working directly with patients and participating in education, research, and administration. At The Scarborough Hospital, Physician’s Assistants (or PAs) work in one of three departments: the Emergency Department, General Internal Medicine, and the Nephrology program.

Jacob was placed in the General Internal Medicine department, and his first challenge was learning how to adjust to a new environment.

“My role for General Internal Medicine is to assist by seeing consults in ER,” he says. “When I see a patient, I conduct a history and physical, collect collateral information, review the current tests and construct a treatment plan which I will review with my supervising physician.”

Working in a role that deals directly with patients requires diligence and flexibility – healthcare workers must be ready, since a patient’s condition can change in an instant. In the New Graduate Program, Jacob says he had great support from a mentor to help with his transition into his new role.

“The Scarborough Hospital has allowed me to work closely with the Hospitalist during our first few months,” he says. “They have provided several teaching opportunities and chances to attend professional events as well.”

The positive work environment was another key factor to Jacob’s smooth transition. Jacob says his co-workers at The Scarborough Hospital have been a key factor in his successful start, and describes it as a pleasant surprise.

“Everyone has been so supportive and nice,” he says. “I really do appreciate this and it makes working in a new hospital site easier.”

Valuable learnings

For Jacob, his role as a Physician’s Assistant in the New Graduate Program has offered him valuable learning experiences. Putting his education to work in a professional environment has enhanced his understanding of the medical practice immensely.

“We have had the opportunity to meet other professionals and learn how our position can be integrated into working best for the patient,” he says.

One of the main challenges in Jacob’s role is the fact that his position is new to the healthcare field in the Ontario Civilian Sector. But he says The Scarborough Hospital has provided exceptional support.

“Sometimes people don’t understand my role and can underestimate or overestimate my scope of practice,” he says. “The Scarborough Hospital has done a great job educating everyone regarding the role of a Physician’s Assistant.”

Jacob says he is setting career goals in order to learn even more. His role as a Physician’s Assistant ensures that he is constantly being challenged to improve himself as a healthcare professional.

“My favourite part of the job is learning something new,” he says.

Jacob aspires to be a seasoned and experienced Physician’s Assistant in the future – and he is well on his way. He owes a lot of his career success so far to The Scarborough Hospital.

“The Scarborough Hospital has been helping with educational opportunities and the staff has been great in helping me fit in and take care of the patients,” he says. “I think I have learned a lot so far in many areas such as treatment plans with patients and working with other specialities. It has been great!”

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