New Year Goals: A Student’s Guide to Achieving More in 2015


It’s time to develop your 2015 game plan! The start of the calendar year is a prime opportunity to get cracking on your list of life-goals.

Check out these helpful resources and prepare to have your best year yet.


Figuring out your personal finances can feel impossible– especially when you first leave the nest. Whatever your financial dreams or circumstance,  there are many tools available to help you make sense of your finances.

  • Looking for a way to tackle your student debt? Start a dialogue! Debt can distract you from your other financial priorities, but it doesn’t have to for long. This article outlines five simple steps you can take to set yourself up for repayment success.
  • Not sure how to start saving? Check out this article on the differences between a TFSA and an RRSP! Whether you’re saving for a trip, down payment or rainy day, knowing what kind of savings vehicle is right for you is the first step to building a solid nest egg.
  • Need help staying on track with your budget? We’ve all been there. is a money management platform that helps you categorize your expenses, track your spending and develop realistic budgets and goals. Download the app to your mobile device to keep up with your money plan, even on the go.


Navigating the school-to-work transition is an exciting and daunting time. The key to finding meaningful, career-related work? Preparing yourself for every stage of the process.

  • If you’re in the exploration stage of your career journey, TalentEgg’s Career Guide directory is a great starting point. Career Guides are online hubs of industry-specific information that can help you figure out your professional interests and options. Each guide contains article, video and other related content – from retail to mining, there’s a guide for everyone.
  • Building up your resume?  TalentEgg Challenges is a career development platform that allows you to gain experience, stand-out to employers and win prizes by participating in competitions created in partnership with innovative companies. We know it can be tough to prove your skills and demonstrate how your classroom knowledge relates to the business world – that’s why participating in a Challenge can help you gain real-world skills and experience.
  • Go-time? You’ve got this! Check out TalentEgg’s job board for incredible opportunities with some of Canada’s top employers. Utilize the advanced search function to filter your results based on job level, location or industry – this can help keep your job-hunt focused and effective.


To perform at your best, you need to feel your best. This year, take your health into your own hands by focusing on your personal health and wellness.

  • Love fitness and social media? PumpUp is a mobile app that combines elements of your favourite social channels (think newsfeed, likes and comments) with your favourite gym activities. Use the platform to build custom workouts, track your activity or share your progress (#gymselfie) with others in the fitness-focused community.
  • For those who run, Nike+Running app tracks your progress on the road (or the treadmill) and offers interactive training programs and coaching to get you race-ready. You can set daily run reminders to keep yourself accountable or challenge friends to compete for distance-based titles.
  • Keeping tabs on your nutrition? MyFitnessPal is a calorie tracker app that can help you make informed decisions about your diet. With a comprehensive food database and vibrant community to share recipes, advice and meal plans with, you’ll form healthy eating habits that can help fuel your performance in other aspects of life.

Social Good

Getting involved is a powerful thing. When you give back to your community, you broaden your network, gain diverse experience and build lifelong skills that can add value to other areas of your life.

  • Want to find a volunteer position that aligns with your passions and goals? is an online community that connects people to nonprofit organizations working in their area of interest. You can search for local opportunities or browse virtual listings that can be done from anywhere!
  • For those looking to make social good a part of their daily routine, We365 is a mobile app that empowers users to make a difference in the world. The platform helps you discover the issues and causes you’re most passionate about and challenges you to take action on local or global scale. You can track your volunteer hours, participate in daily challenges, earn rewards and build up your “social good portfolio” to add to your resume.

What are your goals for 2015? Let us know in the comments below!