TalentEgg Presents: Top 10 Articles of 2014


As 2014 draws to a close, it’s natural – and almost customary – to think back on all the great things we did in the past year.

Reflection on our successes is key to starting off the new year right. And it’s always fun to share those successes with others.

The TalentEgg team has worked all year long to keep you up to date with the best career resources – and we’re proud to present our most popular pieces of 2014!

10) A Hands-On Look At Enterprise’s Management Training Program

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is all about training young career-minded people to succeed. Their Management Trainee program not only helps you to develop skills, but also encourages upward mobility within the company.

Hear the stories of three successful Enterprise Employees who started off in Management Trainee roles. Since this article was first published in January 2014, these young entrepreneurs have moved even further up the ranks in the company.

Read about their stories here.

9) From Co-op to Career: A New Grad Success Story

mnp rep
While co-ops provide invaluable experience for students, not everyone has the opportunity to turn it into a full-time gig.

For Kelly Boxma, her successful transition from co-op student to Articling Student at MNP LLP is inspirational to a lot of career-seekers looking to do the same. In this piece, Kelly shares her first hand experience with MNP, and what she did during her program to land the job.

Read Kelly’s story here.

8) Inside Target’s Career-Hatching Internship Program

In the few years Target Canada has been established, they’ve managed to help start lots of student careers.

At the beginning of the year, TalentEgg got an in-depth look into Target’s internship opportunities, and how they benefit a wide range of students with different interests. Mary Wong, Senior Campus Recruiter for Target, takes readers through their two main internships and how to know which one suits you best. She also discusses the application process, and shares tips on how to get noticed by a Target Canada recruiter.

Read Mary’s advice in full here.

7) Social Media Presence and Getting Noticed: Advice From RBC’s Campus Recruitment Team

RBC is one of those companies that embraces social media wholeheartedly. Not only do they offer amazing careers for students and grads, but they use online platforms to reach out to career-hunters across the country! RBC Time4U, for instance, is an opportunity for students to chat one-on-one with an RBC recruiter and get their career questions answered.

In this piece, the RBC team discusses how you can use social media to stand out from the crowd, and talks about common misconceptions job-seekers have about the recruitment process and social media.

Want to see more? Check it out here.

6) Meet Women In Finance At CPP Investment Board

Today, many students and grads are looking for a workplace that is diverse and inclusive of all their employees. In February, TalentEgg sat down with CPP Investment Board to hear from three women in their workplace, and their career successes so far.

Charissa Lai, Bronwyn Ward, and Julie Mallory all work in finance, but in different roles. They talk about their successes and challenges with CPP Investment Board, and how their time with this company benefited their careers.

You can read Charissa, Bronwyn, and Julie’s stories here.

5) Application And Tips, Tricks, And Advice From Bell’s Recruitment Team

Chances are, you’ve heard of Bell. As one of Canada’s leading communications companies, they offer diverse roles for a diverse group of students.

Last fall, they set out across the country, visiting campuses and connecting with students. With over 7 grad programs opening in 2015, it’s an excellent opportunity to gain experience with a well-known company.

Tegan Monaco, Associate Director of Talent Acquisition, chatted with us about how to apply and hatch a fantastic career with Bell.

Check out Tegan’s advice here.

4) Tips And Advice From A TJX Recruiter

TJX Canada is one of the most successful retailers in the world. It also offers diverse career options for students and grads – something Christina Stathakos learned when she joined the team.

Since graduating with a diploma in Human Resources, Christina has become a Talent Acquisition specialist. This piece discusses what she looks for during the hiring process, and what you can expect from a career with TJX Canada.

Want to see Christina’s advice? Click here.

3) Recruitment, Applications And Interviews: Insight From A P&G Recruiter

P&G prides itself on developing their employees into world-class leaders. And with the wide range of positions they have to offer, it’s definitely a popular place for students and grads to launch their career.

TalentEgg sat down with Darren Macdonald, a Talent Supply Manager. He offers readers valuable insights and great tips on applying for a career with P&G, and how to get noticed in the best way possible.

Be sure to read Darren’s advice in full here.

2) Writing Your LinkedIn Summary? Check Out These 5 Top Tips

In June, we released a popular article on completing your LinkedIn summary. There are a lot of students out there who think LinkedIn is a quick an easy set-up – the reality is, setting up your profile takes time, planning, and patience.

The good news is, if done correctly, LinkedIn can become an amazing career resource. Many students and graduates have even been headhunted on this site by recruiters, leading to fantastic new opportunities!

Ready to get started? See the article here.

1) The 2014 Recruitment Survival Guide: Get Hired This Fall

Best Articles of 2014
Recruiting season is a busy time for employers – it can also be a stressful time for job-hunters on campus.

This great resource drew the eyes of students across the country – you can find 7 steps to getting hired during the fall recruitment season, as well as a comprehensive list of links to career guides and more. There’s even a handy ebook guide for you to download and read offline!

Take a look at this fantastic resource here.

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