Top Activities To Take Advantage Of Your Holiday Break


Winter break is here! It’s tempting to seize this time as an opportunity to kick back, relax and do whole lot of nothing.

Don’t hop on the couch too quickly! This low-activity period is a great time to set yourself up for success in the New Year.

Make sure to budget some time for activities that are a little more productive than watching an entire television series in an afternoon.


Every student goes into the holiday break planning to get a head-start on their reading – but few do. Make this year the first!

If you’re a professional or job-seeker, find your own textbooks. Is there a technical skill that could give you a career boost? Dig into a how-to guide for a few hours each week.

A little too close to the 9-5? Try reading a book about your industry or field to build big picture knowledge.

Tip: If you’re not the most enthusiastic reader, try setting yourself a schedule. If you find it hard to stick to, scale back the time commitment – don’t give up on the whole idea.


Volunteering during the holidays can be incredibly rewarding!

It also looks great on your resume and is a fantastic way to network and meet like-minded people.

If you aren’t able to participate year-round, putting in a real block of time during the holiday is a great way to give back and feel good.

Tip: Look into volunteer opportunities related to your industry, or ask if you can donate your expertise to a particular organization or initiative.

Take a course or workshop

Now that you don’t have work or school to focus on for a little while, see if you can find a learning opportunity that relates to your interests!

In addition to expanding your horizons, keeping yourself mentally active during the holiday season ensures you’ll return to work ready to get back into the swing of things.

You don’t need to spend money – many introductory courses are available free online, and offer a great way to learn when it’s convenient for you.

Tip: Find a friend or coworker who wants to do some learning over the break. If you take the same program, you can discuss it together, or swap stories about the different things you’re learning.


Networking isn’t everyone’s top priority when they are busy! Now that you have some free time, use it to make new connections or find a new mentor.

Ask some people within or outside of your network to meet up for coffee or a phone chat.

Take this time to reach out to some new connections on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Tip: Don’t know where to start? Join some LinkedIn groups in your field and create a post seeing if anyone is willing to meet up!

Do the things you’ve been putting off

Everyone has a to-do list they keep putting aside to manage more pressing commitments.

Whether it’s de-cluttering your living space or getting back to the gym (or even just getting some time outside), now is the time of year where you really do have time to get things done.

Scratching things off your to-do list will make you feel accomplished and bring you back to work with a spring in your step.

Tip: There are many great apps to download that can help you keep to-do lists all in one place! Find the one that suits your plans and get scheduling!

What do you do to stay productive during the holidays, TalentEgg-ers?