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Heading To A Holiday Party? Make Sure You Handle It Properly


It’s that time of year again!

As the holidays approach, employers around the globe are eagerly planning parties to say a big thank-you to their teams.

Workplace holiday parties are more casual than regular office activities, but still have firm expectations in terms of conduct.

Your successful night starts with keeping a few key things in mind.

Mind the dress code

The last thing you want to do is under-dress or over-dress for the festivities.

All work parties are different! Whether it’s an ugly Christmas sweater party or a formal affair, make sure to pay close attention to the dress code on your invitation.

If there isn’t a dress code listed, it’s safe to stick to business casual attire, or just ask the party planner in your workplace to clarify!

Remember that even when the dress code may be different than your regular day-to-day dress code, it’s still important to keep professional in mind.

Don’t over-drink

Whether there’s an open or a closed bar, there is no reason to over-consume at a holiday party.

Don’t be the person who causes a scene and ends up being the subject of office gossip for weeks to come. Be aware of your limit, and mind that line.

It’s easy to forget about this when you are in the moment and having fun. A good rule of thumb is to pay attention to how much those are drinking around you – and follow suit.

Check the guest policy

Not all workplaces are open to accommodating your date or significant other at holiday parties.

This policy may surprise you if you’ve never encountered it, but sometimes the party budget just doesn’t stretch far enough to allow for extra guests.

If there are no explicit instructions on your invite, make sure that you ask first.

Sometimes, a no-guest policy can be a relief! If you can bring a guest, make sure they’re ready to behave in an appropriate manner – and leave your personal life out of casual conversation.

Follow the schedule

Most holiday parties stick to a particular schedule, so be respectful and cautious of that.

While you may feel inclined to drift by whenever suits you, it’s important to make sure that the event is a success – and your attendance is a big part of that.

If the event has a formal component, like a dinner or award ceremony, make sure to note the expected start time. If it’s a more casual event, be prepared to show up fairly early to help the event accumulate a crowd.

Socialize outside your circle

The holiday party is a great chance to get to know people at your company!

It is easy to stick to your own department, or the people that you see on a regular basis – use this time to socialize with people that you may not usually see around the office.

Although you don’t want to think of a holiday party as a networking event, a staff party can be a great place to meet and socialize with others in your organization in a non-stressful environment.

Following these simple tips will make sure you end the year off on a good note at work and have a great night with your co-workers.

What are some of your holiday success stories?