Career-Hatching Holiday Gift Ideas for Gen Y


Need gift ideas for the Gen Y in your life? Find holiday inspiration in the ‘ol job hunt.

Students, grads and young professionals alike are on their way to hatching successful careers – this year, give gifts that will help them realize their potential.

The goal-setting stage

Every journey has to start somewhere – your career path is no exception.

Goal-setting can be helpful to those starting their job hunt: the technique can help guide professional aspirations and inspire tangible actions.

A great gift for someone at this stage of the job hunt would be a leather-bound notebook – perfect for pinning down goals and mapping out action plans.

Look for a notebook that can easily fit into the pocket of a briefcase, handbag or backpack: having your goals on hand can be a great reminder of all that you hope to achieve.

The networking stage

When you’re looking for meaningful work, networking is a smart way to get cracking.

Informational interviews are a useful networking opportunity for anyone looking gain valuable insight into a possible career path, field or employer.

These meetings give students, grads or career-changers an opportunity to explore different options, build professional relationships and ask career-related questions to someone working in their area of interest.

One gift idea for someone in the networking stage would be a coffee shop gift card.

Informational interviews are meant to be quick, casual meetings scheduled during the workday – a 20-minute conversation that goes well with a warm beverage.

The interview stage

Landing an interview is a major achievement, and feeling prepared for the big day can help Gen Y secure even more success.

A great gift idea for someone at this stage of the job hunt? A tablet.

Regardless of industry, employer or job level, making a good impression in an interview is at the top of everyone’s wish list. A tablet is an innovative and memorable way to showcase who you are, what you’ve done and what you’re capable of.

Creative job? Load your digital portfolio onto your device for easy presentation.

Results-driven industry? Use visuals (like graphs or charts) to demonstrate your achievements.

So long as the information being presented is relevant to the conversation, using a tablet can help to support your points.

The new job stage

Starting a new job is exciting and daunting – it’s important to hit the ground running.

Whether someone has been at a job for a few days or a few months, being set for success is key.

Drive, determination and hard work are a big part of the equation, but there are a few tools on the market that can elevate their professional game.

One idea? A portable battery charger can be a much needed confidence boost for Gen Y who are always on the go. Relying on mobile devices is part of the Gen Y way – with one of these on hand, they’ll be able to access the resources they need (directions, contact info, urgent emails) no matter their battery life.

A sleek business card holder can enhance Gen Y’s personal image. Having a safe, secure place to keep business cards can help to ensure they’re always prepared to network, whether at a formal event or an impromptu meeting.

For those who want to keep up with their field (and impress leaders with their insight), there are many must-read books to explore. Check your local bookstore to see if they have any recommendations for your area of interest (sales, marketing, finance), or look online for top-rated titles.

Gen Y, what’s on your holiday wishlist? Let us know in the comments!