Your Guide To Recruitment And Hiring At Canadian Natural Resources Limited


Looking at career opportunities at Canadian Natural Resources Limited? There’s a lot to cover.

Your internship, summer student role or co-op term could start building your experience in diverse areas of Canadian Natural’s operations, including:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Geology and geophysics
  • Human resources
  • Information systems
  • Oil and gas marketing
  • Petroleum land management
  • Power Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Supply management

Whichever area you explore, you’ll be taking the first step towards building a career, says Meghan Andreas, Campus Advisor at Canadian Natural.

“Many of our engineering co-op students go into our EIT program once they graduate from their program,” she explains. “For other areas of study, there are new grad opportunities for when you have completed your studies.”

Meghan is extensively involved in interviewing, onboarding, orientation and career development at Canadian Natural – and she has some expert insight to offer as you start planning your application.

Getting started

The main hiring periods for opportunities at Canadian Natural are during the fall and winter months, so it’s a good idea to check their website regularly for new roles.

“Students can expect their start dates to be in September, January or May depending on the position,” explains Meghan. “Our campus recruitment team does two big recruitment drives, one in September and one in January of each year.”

You can find those events by following @CNRLCampus, or by visiting Canadian Natural’s Events page on TalentEgg.

Attending a campus event is a great way to gain direct insight into Canadian Natural’s opportunities and workplace culture – but make sure you do your research!

“We can tell if you came to the session prepared and it reflects positively on you when you’re asking strong questions,” says Meghan.

Be sure to research both the company and the specific roles you are applying for within Canadian Natural.

“We have many opportunities and some jobs will be better suited for you than others, so know which role you’d love to take on,” advises Meghan. “We want to see that students are personable and have a genuine interest in the company and our opportunities.”

“Perfect your elevator pitch and be prepared to share it with us.”

A top Canadian Natural application

When you’ve set your sights on a promising role and connected with the Canadian Natural team, you’ll want to make sure your application shines.

According to Meghan, they see between 50 and 300 applicants for each position – and well-organized candidates stand out first.

“Due to the high volume of applicants that we get for each position, having a properly formatted resume makes a big difference. Some students don’t organize their experience very well, which makes it hard to tell why you’re a good fit for the position.”

Before you submit your application, double-check that you’re including the requested documents.

“We include application directions on all our postings, so make sure you read and follow them,” says Meghan.

“At the application stage it’s not necessary to include writing samples, copies of certifications or other documents we haven’t asked for. If there is something specific we’re looking for we will give you a call!”

Meghan’s top 3 tips

1. Get the info

This is an absolute must-do in any job search, and Meghan states that it’s absolutely crucial to success.

“Research the company and role first so you’re applying to positions you’re truly interested in,” she explains.

2. Target your application

Tempted to use a form cover letter, or your resume from last year? Think again.

According to Meghan, application-specific documents increase your chances of success.

“For example, a customized cover letter is a great way to distinguish yourself, so make sure you take advantage of the opportunity.”

3. Know the deadlines

This isn’t just a central component of the application process – it’s also key in keeping you engaged with Canadian Natural’s latest roles.

“Be proactive in applying to new positions,” advises Meghan.

A great interview

Your prior preparation and engagement with Canadian Natural’s brand and career opportunities will hold you in good stead when you enter an interview.

Typically, you’ll interview for about 30 minutes with a team of two, covering everything from your application materials to behavioural questions – and questions you may have about Canadian Natural.

“Come prepared and practice beforehand if you can. Many on-campus career centres offer interview prep courses, so if you think you might be nervous, try to attend one,” says Meghan, adding that Canadian Natural’s team wants every candidate to feel relaxed when they sit down to chat.

“Don’t be afraid to pause and take a second to compose yourself before answering a question. Our interviews are informal and conversational in tone, because we want you to feel comfortable.”

The most common error she encounters?

“Not answering the full question and providing vague answers.”

Meghan’s expert advice: Provide clear and concise answers with specific examples.

“If the interviewer keeps asking follow-up questions you’re probably not providing enough detail and they would like to hear more.”

Paying attention to your interviewer can also help you note situations where you should provide more info.

Why Canadian Natural Resources Limited?

If you’re career-minded, building experience at Canadian Natural is a great way to prepare yourself for the school-to-work transition.

“Completing a co-op term or summer internship with us while you’re completing your degree is a great way to get your foot in the door,” explains Meghan. Candidates for Canadian Natural’s Engineer-in-Training and New Grad programs are often chosen from current students on the team.

A position at Canadian Natural is also a great way to learn more about the hands-on experience of working in your field – Meghan has seen first-hand how much value these positions have to offer to new professionals.

“There is a level of flexibility in our co-op positions that is not available at other companies – our engineering rotational program is flexible and students get to have a say in their own development,” she explains.

“Students get to see how their contribution adds value to the team they are working with and there is a lot of support from the managers.”

With this expert guidance, you’re one step closer to hatching your career on the Canadian Natural team.

Start your career with Canadian Natural Resources Limited here!