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Going Above And Beyond In The Job Hunt: Justin Bansal Explains His Pitch To Loblaw


You’ve probably been told to “do a little extra” many times in your life.

Facing the job hunt as a student or new grad, you’ll face this pressure like never before. Competition is fierce for just about every opening out there. Sometimes a little unique flair can make the difference between a promising first-round interview and a return to the search.

If you’ve got your sights set on an employer of choice (and you’re ready to put in some serious time to get ahead), take a page out of Justin Bansal’s book.

He graduated from Western University in April of 2014 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and set his sights on a career with Loblaw.

We connected with Justin to ask him about the steps he’s taken to stand out – and what he’s learned so far.

Justin Bansal
BBA, Western University (2014)
What are you hoping will come from this project?

“I’m hoping I’m able to get Loblaw’s attention.

Along with following the traditional model of applying to jobs by submitting a resume online, I’m going above and beyond. The actions I have been taking demonstrate things my resume can’t. They prove things about my character and attitude and really show that I am determined.

I hope that Loblaw offers me a job but if that doesn’t work out, I hope this campaign is still motivational for other recent graduates out there as I can understand their situation.”

Justin redesigned his Twitter profile to reflect Loblaw's branding, including a banner directing visitors to his website.
Justin redesigned his Twitter profile to reflect Loblaw’s branding, including a banner directing visitors to his website. “My website has over 300 views in the last few days and I’m also seeing results through my LinkedIn updates,” he says.
How did you plan your approach in designing these resources?

“Honestly, I didn’t really plan anything to happen. It was impulsive.

I’ve worked in the social media space throughout my university career with student organizations like Impact Entrepreneurship Group and non-profits in Peel like Volunteer MBC. I used what skills I had and started a campaign.

I applied my knowledge from my third year IMC class and ensured that it was an integrated marketing communications campaign. I started with changing my Twitter & LinkedIn profiles so that the brand resembles the Loblaw brand with the orange and white colors.

I set up a website ( and wrote a post outlining 4 reasons why Loblaw should hire me. I began to share the article with my networks on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I started tweeting out posts to rally support and soon my friends began retweeting and favoriting my tweets.

I then purchased ads via Twitter and have them running with promoted tweets this entire week. They are targeting my followers, as well as followers of accounts like @TalentEgg because I want recent grads to see my message. My most recent tactic was a really creative social media resume, which you can find on my website as well.”

Justin has seen positive results in using Twitter to advance his campaign. "I have about 4,000 impressions through my Twitter Ads campaign and about 116 engagements," he explains.
Justin has seen positive results in using Twitter to advance his campaign. “I have about 4,000 impressions through my Twitter Ads campaign and about 116 engagements,” he explains.
What was your inspiration in pursuing this project?

“Unemployment can really confuse us students. We first decide to go to university because society makes it seem like the ideal next step after high school. We then start to believe that the money we’re spending on tuition is an investment in our future. After graduating from university, we think that money was well spent and that becoming employed shouldn’t be too difficult.

It’s a whole other story when you get out there on your own.

Writing a resume and cover letter are a work of art and applying to jobs is not easy; you have to cater your application toward each individual role.

I’m fighting for myself as well as other recent graduates who deserve to be acknowledged and given a chance in the real world. We’re not asking for a high salary, all we want is an entry-level position where we can apply our education and receive mentorship so that we can advance in our careers.”

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