6 Reasons To Explore A Career In Oil And Gas

6 Reasons To Explore A Career In Oil And Gas


The oil and gas sector promises a very rewarding career.

In fact, the industry has been around and successful since before Canada became a country!

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If you’re a recent graduate looking to hatch a career and have yet to explore oil and gas, you should. Here’s why:

1) Booming industry

Canada is the world’s 6th largest producer of crude oil, and 3rd (behind only Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, respectively) in terms of global oil reserves.

To put this into perspective, with unchanged consumption levels, the nation’s demand for petroleum could be met by reserves in Alberta alone – for 250 years.

This means that the industry shapes up as secure and stable. With new and challenging national development projects ahead, this industry will be around for a long time to come (petroleum engineering is one of the fastest-growing occupational sectors in Canada)!

2) Pay

As a booming industry, the oil and gas field is home to some of the highest-paid professionals in the world.

In fact, the oil and gas sector is Canada’s highest-paying industry!

Recent graduates can expect lucrative compensation packages as they enter the industry, designed to ensure that those who keep the industry thriving remain engaged and rewarded.

3) Advancement

Prosperous industries offer boundless opportunities to climb the ladder.

The service side of the industry, for example, welcomes young and motivated individuals to work as junior crew members on a rig.

Many companies in the industry fill senior positions by looking to junior members with rig experience. In fact, many executives that run drilling and services rig companies started on a rig.

Moreover, the service oil and gas industry is facing a new issue in the form of retirement. With a foreseen but significant loss in the senior workforce, the industry will be eagerly in search of new and young talent to replace those exiting the workforce.

4) Diversity

The oil and gas sector offers multi-faceted career opportunities to new professionals and those who are already positioned within the industry.

In the service side of the industry alone, there are a smorgasbord of positions including technicians, operators, welders, and surveyors. Moreover, the industry is multi-dimensional, with offerings in accounting, communications, finance, marketing, telecommunications, aerospace and more.

That means there are lots of opportunities at the ground level for you to explore.

5) Innovation & sustainability

As an industry committed to meeting one of the greatest and demanding challenges the world faces – namely, providing energy for a growing global population – the oil and gas industry is constantly innovating.

Oil and gas is an industry that is out of necessity an industry leader in technological development with regards to extraction, mining, refining and transport.

Closely related is the issue of environmental sustainability. Whether it is to reduce carbon emissions, enable safer extraction and transport methods, or developing brand new technologies such as carbon capture to prevent unnecessary carbon emissions into the atmosphere, the oil and gas industry is heavily-invested in providing energy with the smallest ecological footprint possible.

For recent graduates, this means an impressive and unique opportunity to contribute to the industry precisely where it needs it most.

6) Unique work experiences

The varying and widespread nature of the work available in the industry means many unique and valuable work experiences.

Contrary to popular belief, Alberta is not the only region in Canada in which the oil and gas industry operates. As it happens, the industry is active in 12 out of 13 of Canada’s provinces and territories – be it on-land or offshore.

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