A Day In The Life: The RBC Career Launch Program


Meet some of the 2014 RBC Career Launch Program Associates!

They’re four of the 100 recent graduates taking part in the program. If you’re interested in learning more, their stories offer insights into the program.

Since joining the RBC Career Launch Program in January 2014, they’ve each completed the first of the program’s three rotations, and are currently putting their new skills to work in the second rotation with a registered Canadian charity.

Cameron, Shaliza, Joshua and Kelly each entered the program with unique goals, and all have found the support to succeed in the RBC Career Launch Program.

Want to hear more from these Associates? Check out their videos on the RBC Career Launch Program website: http://www.rbc.com/careers/careerlaunch/career-launch-testimonials.html!

Meet Cameron

“I am pleased to have had so many opportunities to develop my 21st century workplace skills through spearheading many different projects.”
Cameron Walker MA, Communication Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University

Cameron immediately recognized the RBC Career Launch Program as a top learning opportunity.

“The program offered a strong starting point in my career, combined with an unparalleled opportunity to gain the professional work experience I needed,” he says.

A recent grad in Communication Studies, Cameron thrived in the program’s first rotation, working in an RBC branch.

“I enjoyed learning how RBC operates from the front lines while developing my teamwork and client service skills,” he explains.

Cameron then went to work with the United Way in Guelph, Ontario for his second rotation. There, he connected with different community organizations, participated in event planning, and even did some media design, including creating a campaign logo and promotional materials.

“I enjoyed working with teams that value my creative input and trust my decision-making skills,” he says. “The RBC Career Launch Program has provided me with professional environments that promote the application and development of my own personal talents.”

In addition to honing his skills, Cameron has also had the chance to identify some areas for growth. He plans to develop his time management and organizational skills as he completes the program.

“The program has provided a number of courses to help develop such skills on the job and I am very happy with my progress in these areas,” he says. “The RBC Career Launch Program is strongly focused on personalized professional development.”

“My experiences within the RBC Career Launch Program have been entirely positive,” he says.

“RBC values collaboration and it’s incredible to experience a team environment when everyone is striving to help one another.”

Meet Shaliza

“If I could write down a hundred synonyms for the word ‘amazing’ to describe the RBC Career Launch Program, I would!”
Shaliza Karim Ladhani BA, Psychology, UBC

One of the major goals of the RBC Career Launch Program is to help participants build the skills that will enable them to pursue their career ambitions.

Shaliza’s experience is a first-hand confirmation of the program’s success.

“As a recent university graduate, I didn’t have much practical work experience on my resume, I was unsure how to kick-start my career and finding a mentor was near to impossible,” says Shaliza.

When she learned about the RBC Career Launch Program, she thought it was a perfect opportunity for her.

“I wanted to gain as much exposure in different business areas as possible, to give me insight into where I wanted to take my career,” Shaliza says. “I wanted to challenge myself on a daily basis to step outside my comfort zone.”

During her first rotation in a RBC banking branch, Shaliza found herself learning and building new skills.

“The several branch projects I championed brought some interesting challenges, solutions and successes which became valuable experience going into the next rotation,” she explains.

Shaliza is currently in the second rotation working for the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, putting her new skills to work – and continuing the learning process.

“Not only do I get to work for a great cause, feel passionate about the work I’m doing and make a difference, I also get to learn a tremendous amount,” she says.

“I get to plunge into different tasks, from soliciting donation items to creating different marketing campaigns, to being a host at one of our events, all in one work day!”

“From coworkers to mentors to managers, everyone wants to make this experience the best it can be for me,” Shaliza says.

“Everyone is willing to share their knowledge, advice and experience with me.”

Meet Joshua

“If you are looking for that first career experience to break the ‘no job – no experience’ cycle, the Career Launch Program is an outstanding option.”
Joshua Whittingham Masters Certificate, China Studies, Johns Hopkins University (SAIS)

Another objective of the RBC Career Launch Program is to equip new graduates with a professional network which can propel them to success.

That was exactly what Joshua Whittingham was looking for.

“Coming out of grad school abroad I was still looking for that first professional career experience,” he says. “I hoped to get the opportunity to apply the skills and experiences I had built up while at school and develop a professional network in Canada.”

After gaining a wealth of customer experience in his first rotation, Joshua found his opportunity to excel at work in the second rotation at a charitable organization, Framework Foundation in Toronto, Ontario.

“I was asked to conduct a detailed analysis for a program my assigned charity was considering developing,” he says.

Access to RBC’s extensive online resources and skills training software helped him learn the necessary best practices for conducting a proper analysis – and his new network helped him present it.

“I was able to tap into the professional network I had developed through the Career Launch Program for advice on how to effectively deliver the results of my analysis to the organization I am working for.” Joshua says.

“The program has made the most of the transferable skills I developed in school, such as problem-solving, research, analysis and communication,” says Joshua. “The structured mentorship program offers further chances to build meaningful relationships with experienced professionals.”

“The value of the networking opportunities this program offers cannot be overstated.”

Meet Kelly

“The RBC Career Launch Program really has endless opportunities for its participants.”
Kelly Hall BA, English and History, Wilfrid Laurier University

Kelly spent four years earning a degree at Wilfred Laurier, and then after completing a Public Relations diploma at Conestoga College, she learned about the RBC Career Launch Program.

At the time, her job hunt wasn’t going very well. The RBC Career Launch Program provided an opportunity to change that.

“I had consistently heard the same thing: ‘You lack the experience we are looking for,’” she says. “I knew that this program could provide me with a well-rounded year of experience that would help me kick-start my career.”

After entering the program, Kelly quickly found that the RBC Career Launch Program supports Associates in pursuing the experiences that match their career goals.

“The program has a very personalized feel, as each Associate has the opportunity to have unique experiences that speak to the types of young professionals we want to be,” she says.

“Whether through mentorship, networking opportunities and rotation assignments, each experience we have in this program is designed to help us develop in the way we want and need to.”

That support includes opportunities to connect with her fellow Associates, as well as support from RBC’s Career Launch Managers and mentors.

So far, Kelly’s experience has helped her develop skills like public speaking and relationship management – a great complement to her PR background.

“The RBC Career Launch Program is providing me with a wide array of experiences that are relevant to today’s workplace,” she says.

“This program has taken me from saying ‘I can do this’ to proving through tangible experiences that I can, in fact, meet the expectations of prospective employers in the future.”

Why you should get involved

These four Associates are thrilled with their experience in the RBC Career Launch Program, and are looking forward to the program’s final rotation.

“The program has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself and what direction I want to take in the future both personally and professionally,” says Shaliza.

Cameron agrees.

“Very few professional opportunities that are available immediately after graduating will present the same range of experiences and development opportunities as the RBC Career Launch Program.”

For Joshua, the most valuable part of the experience has been the opportunity to use his skills in a meaningful way.

“The Career Launch Program has shown me how my unique skills can make an impact in a variety of organizations and industries,” he says. “I have a much better sense of what my talents are and how I can use those talents to help an organization meet its goals.”

All told, it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss, says Kelly.

“Your education is valuable, but so is what you do with it,” she says.

“The RBC Career Launch Program really does build your confidence and opens the doors to so many great things.”

Find out how you can apply to the RBC Career Launch Program here!

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