Inside The RBC Career Launch Program


Last year, a team of dedicated professionals at RBC started a brand-new initiative for recent graduates.

It’s called the RBC Career Launch Program: a unique paid internship program that brings together hands-on business experience with community participation and a wealth of learning, mentorship and professional networking opportunity.

Rehana Ciriani
RBC Career Launch Program Director

Interested in this egg-ceptional program at RBC? Rehana Ciriani has some valuable insights to offer – she’s the Director of the RBC Career Launch Program.

She leads the overall program strategy and implementation, including the management team who support the sourcing, selection, coaching and development of the 100 Career Launch Associates who joined the program in its first year.

“This program helps solve the education to employment challenge that young college and university graduates face today,” Rehana explains.

“The program provides participants with a meaningful first career experience and equips them with 21st-century, relevant workplace skills such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking.”

Program structure

To equip recent grads with a diverse range of skills, the RBC Career Launch program includes three work rotations, each with a distinct focus.

During the first six-month rotation, you’ll work in a retail banking location, completing a variety of tasks like serving clients, solving problems and spotting sales opportunities.

This is a chance to get front line experience ‘learning the ropes’ as you develop practical business skills.

“Career Launch has offered a strong starting point in my career combined with an unparalleled opportunity to gain the professional work experience I needed.”
Cameron Walker
2014 RBC Career Launch Associate

In the next rotation, you’ll join the team at a local registered Canadian charity over a three-month period, exploring how a charity operates from the inside.

Here, you’ll put your new skills to work in order to give back to local communities, making a difference while testing your abilities.

In the last rotation, you’ll spend three months in a professional corporate environment, gaining exposure to different roles in some of RBC’s core function groups, like Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Operations.

“As a result of the three diverse work rotations, participants in this program will be able to point to a meaningful experience that is comprehensive, helps them personally to make decisions about their careers and increases their attractiveness to future employers,” says Rehana.

It’s an innovative blend of learning, professional development and hands-on experience – and a top first career experience for a new graduate.

Program eligibility

One of the most egg-citing features of the RBC Career Launch Program is that it is open to graduates from all disciplines!

“No finance education is required!” says Rehana. “Our program is about providing a first career experience to a broad group of young graduates.”

Before you start your application for the RBC Career Launch Program, take a moment to review the program’s eligibility requirements.

You must be:

  • 24 or younger as of December 31, 2014
  • A recent university or college graduate by October 27, 2014
  • Legally eligible to work in Canada for the duration of the program (January 2015 – January 2016)
  • Not currently employed by RBC
  • Not the child of or under legal guardianship of an Executive or Managing director at RBC as of the date of application

The program will be taking place in the following participating cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal, Halifax, Oakville/Burlington, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Oshawa/Whitby, Barrie, Kingston and Ottawa. This year, we have expanded the participating cities to include Calgary, Winnipeg and Moncton.

You are welcome to apply up to three locations and must be able to attend an in-person panel interview in any one of the selected cities without any financial assistance from RBC during the week of December 1, 2014.

You’ll also need to be available for two-day orientation and closing events in Toronto, held at the beginning and ending of the program (expenses covered by RBC).

“RBC’s commitment to investing in and learning from Gen Y has surprised and impressed me. From the top down, RBC realizes that its success as an organization is tied to our success as a generation.”
Joshua Whittingham
2014 RBC Career Launch Associate

Applications open at 8 AM (ET) on October 6th and close at 8 PM (ET) on October 27th.

Unpacking the program

The RBC Career Launch Program isn’t just a top learning and development program – it’s also addressing an employment landscape that poses unique challenges for Canadian youth.

Young people face an increasing amount of difficulty beginning careers, reflected in a national unemployment rate of 13.1 percent for youth aged 15 to 24 this past July*.

A lack of compelling first career experiences puts many youth into a ‘no experience – no job’ cycle, which makes it difficult to begin building a career.

To help create and sustain a more optimistic job market for youth, the RBC Career Launch Program has been designed as a multi-year investment.

“From coworkers to mentors to managers, everyone wants to make this experience the best that it can be for me. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge, advice and experience with me.”
Shaliza Karim Ladhani
2014 RBC Career Launch Associate

It’s just one part of RBC’s Believe in Kids Pledge, a 5-year, $100 million pledge for develop well-rounded Canadian kids and youth and position them for life-long success.

“At RBC, we believe that investing in youth is the path to a strong and more prosperous Canada,” says Rehana.

That investment doesn’t stop at RBC’s own operations.

“RBC is encouraging other organizations to think about creative solutions to help break the ‘no experience – no job’ cycle and instill confidence and enthusiasm in young graduates entering the workforce,” says Rehana.

“Together, both the private and public sectors, as well as governments at all levels can help make a positive impact on youth unemployment and underemployment.”

Looking back and looking ahead

With another year of the program about to begin, Rehana is thrilled with the program’s progress to-date.

From the charitable organizations RBC has partnered with to the RBC team members who have supported the program’s new Associates, everyone is excited to be participating in the program.

“Having a program that meets you where you are and speaks to your interests while providing you with a year-long experience is a rarity; if you have the opportunity to participate in this program, take it.”
Kelly Hall
2014 RBC Career Launch Associate

“Feedback from local managers in RBC branches has been resoundingly positive about the value and contributions that RBC Career Launch Program Associates have made,” she explains.

“Most importantly, we’ve been successful in creating a highly-engaged group of Career Launch Program participants who believe that RBC is delivering on our promise of providing them with a meaningful first career experience.”

*Source: Statistics Canada

Explore the RBC Career Launch Program and apply here!

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