4 Reasons To Consider A Career In Consulting

4 Reasons To Consider A Career In Consulting


Researching your chosen industry is a key step to career success!

The picture in consulting is a promising one, for a wide variety of reasons.

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While consulting is a broad field with a range of opportunities, there are some qualities that apply to the industry as a whole, and those qualities bring particular benefits with them.

Take a second to think about how these perks and benefits align with your career goals. Do they help you plan for the future?

1) You’re in the fast-lane

Consulting offers invaluable skill-building, personal development and networking opportunities – right from the start.

In fact, the level of autonomy and responsibility an entry-level consultant or analyst receives is almost unparalleled. Working with a client’s top CEO or CFO is not unheard of, which allows relatively new professionals ample opportunity to build a strong network in and out of the firm.

That professional spotlight means that consultants quickly develop and hone their problem-solving and communication skills, which are key to career success.

In addition to networking potential, you’ll also have opportunities to build strong analytical skills early on – an asset in any industry.

2) Your work is diverse

As an industry that serves all others, consulting offers recent graduates variety like no other. Consulting firms are primarily external, meaning the work you are tasked with will vary from client to client and project to project.

Over the course of just six months, you might tackle several different projects. Each one could offer a new kind of content and scope, as well as a range of clients, workplace environments and even countries.

By this measure, there is also enormous variety in the industries that a consulting firm can provide its services to, be it a business firm, media organization, start-up tech company or government agency.

For many consultants, traveling is routine. With so many different clients and projects to work on, a career is consulting is most certainly not your typical day job, and far from monotonous.

3) You’re well-rewarded

As with any booming industry, the pay grade for consulting is lucrative and substantial.

With companies lining up for the services offered by consulting firms, entry-level consultants can expect compensation packages that are intended to reward them – and keep them.

Often salaries are cushioned with expense accounts, paid-for professional development, travel packages and free training. The line of work also opens doors to powerful networks, that are priceless no matter where your career may take you.

Entry-level consultants in Canada can expect an average salary of $50,000 in their first year!

4) You can learn and grow

The consulting industry remains one of the most successful industries around the globe.

Organizations that employ consultants on a large scale (investment banks, private equity firms, corporate law firms and more) are often central to the sustained success of economies, because they are crucial in helping companies raise capital, facilitating complex transactions, and integrate new technology.

To this end, companies, corporations, and even government are becoming increasingly reliant on consulting firms to improve their operations and achieve their strategic objectives.

The consulting industry services all other industries public and private, meaning the growth potential for a consultant – even at the entry-level – is as enormous as it is rewarding.

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