How-To: Hatching Your Career In The Banking Industry

How-To: Hatching Your Career In The Banking Industry


Whether you working on the retail side or in investments, the Canadian banking industry has a lot to offer a recent grad looking to hatch a top career.

That opportunity means you’ll want to make yourself the strongest possible candidate for your first career role – the competition can sometimes be a challenge, as with any top field!

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There are a lot of opportunities for students and recent grads alike to open different doors and position themselves for career success.

On-campus recruiters

Each year, dozens of the top banks and global firms visit Canadian campuses to introduce themselves and offer a firsthand glimpse at the positions they have to offer.

The importance of on-campus recruitment cannot be understated. It is a networking opportunity like no other, precisely because the employer has come to you.

On-campus recruiting gives aspiring banking professionals ample opportunity to actively make connections between their preferences and the opportunities available, while also helping you make promising new connections (who can help you learn more about how to egg-cel in the application and interview process).

While recruitment timelines differ across campus and by firm, typically the recruitment process on campus begins in the fall.

Make sure to do your research early! Some organizations have concluded the majority of their hiring and recruitment efforts before the winter, while others have a longer time-frame.

Banking internships/placements

Although most certainly a step that comes after successful recruitment, securing a bank internship is a big step towards getting your foot in the door when it comes to the banking industry.

Summer banking internships or placements are perhaps the best opportunities to test out the waters and determine if a career in banking is for you. These positions give you the chance to prove yourself in a work environment, while also lending you some experience in the hands-on reality of the industry. You may even be able to identify a career opportunity you’d like to pursue after graduation!

Banking internships are competitive opportunities, but also offer competitive compensation to successful candidates. It’s never a bad idea to start your applications early, as this will give you the most time to submit a polished and professional product.

It is also worth noting that banking firms will typically reserve internships for undergraduate students completing their degree, which positions you for success as you approach graduation – there might be a job opportunity around the corner.


Networking is both a key career skill and a top strategy for hatching your banking career, whether you’re a student or a recent graduate.

Campus events and recruitment sessions are a great way to start your professional network in the banking field, but even if you don’t have access to these events, you’ll want to block out some time for networking.

Look for opportunities to connect with other aspiring banking professionals as well as established new hires. You can often find industry-specific events in urban centres, many of which have a young professional focus.

Connecting with professionals in your field is an absolutely vital step to ensure that promising opportunities come your way, even if the outcome isn’t immediate.

Networking is also a great complement to actively looking for work! Many of your new connections may be willing to offer tips or guidance on applications and resumes, or even connect you with promising connections of their own.

Networking your way to career in banking is most certainly possible, as long as you are prepared to be persistent and build your communication and interpersonal skills.

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