Shell’s Assessed Internship Program Hatched This Recent Grad’s Career


A career-hatching role combines great support with real opportunity.

Those qualities go hand-in-hand in Shell’s Assessed Internship Program!

As an intern in the program, you’re paired with a personal mentor and given the chance to work alongside Shell’s world-class team, learning directly from industry experts.

In addition to top training and feedback, the program is a great way for a new professional to position themselves for a career at Shell!

Cam Brewington knows – he’s a University of Alaska economics graduate who started his career through the program.

“I wanted an internship that would give me exposure to the energy industry, as well as coaching and feedback on my performance during and after my internship,” he explains, adding that the program directly aligned with his career priorities.

“Not only does Shell’s Assessed Internship Program focus on feedback, but it offers resources to help you improve on identified areas of development.”

His story is an excellent read if you’re ready to learn more about this top career opportunity at Shell.

Getting started

The Assessed Internship program at Shell set Cam up for success from the start.

“The transition into the program was very comprehensive,” he explains. “Before I started, I had a conference call with my manager and a new mentor to discuss the internship.”

When Cam officially started his role, he participated in extensive online training and began building connections with the Shell team.

In addition to providing various opportunities for interns to connect with one another, Shell ensured Cam had the chance to meet leaders from different areas of Shell, helping him build new contacts across the company.

Set with the right knowledge and skills, Cam was then given a chance to tackle real responsibility working on a top project.

“I was given a project to streamline the process for getting licenses to drill new wells in Alberta,” he explains.

Learning how the different areas of business collaborate at Shell was one of the major challenges of Cam’s project – but he had support from his manager, his mentor and the team at Shell every step of the way.

“This was a very interesting project because it gave me exposure to many different areas of the upstream business,” Cam explains, “and it gave me exposure to how Shell collaborates with the Alberta government to develop resources.”

Hatching a career at Shell

Cam’s experience in the Assessed Internship program helped him recognize that Shell offered a great career fit for someone ready to learn and grow.

“After completing my internship, I recognized that the focus on development and the training for new grads at Shell is world-class,” he says, adding that Shell’s Graduate Program offered the perfect learning opportunity to continue his career.

“I wanted to develop the skills for success in my role, as well as my leadership and professional skills,” Cam explains, “and you can do this in Shell’s Graduate Program.”

Cam filled out a career preference form, indicating the areas of Shell’s operations where he would be interested in working in the future.

His hard work paid off!

Cam was offered a full-time position in the same team where he completed his internship, giving him the chance to further develop his skills when he returned to Shell after graduation.

At work at Shell

Today, Cam is a Regulatory Specialist-In-Training, working with diverse teams at Shell to meet resource development requirements and attain development licenses.

It’s a role that offers a lot of unique experience and insight, perfect for someone like Cam.

“My favourite thing about my job is collaborating with different people and teams within the company,” he says.

“The interaction between Shell and the government for resource development is constantly changing and provides an interesting view from a non-industry perspective.”

The experience Cam had in Shell’s Assessed Internship program not only introduced him to the different areas of operations at Shell (a big-picture focus necessary for any new professional) – it also helped him plan for success in his full-time position.

“The most valuable part of the program was the assessment and feedback I received,” he explains. “I was able to use the feedback and come up with a strategy to improve my performance in my current graduate role.”

Cam’s career plans

Having hatched a career that offers a perfect fit with his short-term focus on learning and professional development, Cam is eagerly planning his long-term career goals with Shell.

What’s next for him?

“I can see my career with Shell taking me to an international destination for a short-term assignment, and in the longer-term moving into a management position,” Cam says.

He knows that Shell’s Graduate Program will continue to support his goals, just as the Assessed Internship program helped him start his career.

“The learning resources, access to mentors and coaches and the focus on personal development are all key characteristics of the Shell Graduate Program and are designed to help
your career progression,” explains Cam.

He’s a compelling example of the great career outcomes that begin with an internship at Shell – and he’s quick to recommend the program to other career-minded students.

“The internship program lets you access great training and learning programs to learn more about the industry and to learn about Shell as a company,” he says.

“Shell’s Assessed Internship program helps you progress as a professional and an individual.”

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