Office Hours: A Talent Acquisition Manager Talks Career Pathways In Pharmacy And Retail At Rexall


November 27th was a big day for TalentEgg and the team at Rexall! We came together to host another Office Hours session with a Rexall expert.

Office Hours are 1-hour online chats with hiring experts held for TalentEgg-ers like you. They’re your chance to learn straight from industry leaders and hiring pros!

We connected with Rexall Talent Acquisition Manager Rosa Maio to talk about career opportunities in retail and pharmacy at Rexall.

She had some great advice to offer to the TalentEgg-ers who attended.

You can check out the chat transcript below!

Elias (TalentEgg):

Welcome to Office Hours, TalentEgg-ers! My name is Elias and I’ll be moderating today’s chat.

Over the next hour, you can share your questions with Rexall’s Rosa Maio and get insider insight into career opportunities at Rexall!

You can start submitting your questions now.

A number of you signed up and submitted questions in advance – that’s great! Today, Rosa is going to address a number of live questions, as well as several questions that were submitted in advance, so we’ll cover a lot of ground in the next hour.

Let’s meet Rosa! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Rexall?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

Hello TalentEgg! I have been with Rexall for over 8 years working within Talent Acquisition for Head Office, Pharmacy and Operations. We working very closely with the leaders of Rexall to find top talent in helping to grow Rexall.

Elias (TalentEgg):

Fantastic! Let’s kick things off with a question that was submitted by a student in advance:

Nathalie is a pharmacy grad from l’Université Laval, who asks:

What does advancement look like for pharmacists at Rexall?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

There is tremendous opportunity at Rexall for Pharmacists.

As you may have seen in our TalentEgg video we have plenty of examples of Pharmacists who have become Pharmacy Managers and have gone on to be Regional Directors.

There is also opportunity within our head office within our Pharmacy and Operations departments.

Elias (TalentEgg):

Danielle is a commerce graduate from the Ted Rogers School of Management, who asks:

I’m interested in working for Rexall head office – in marketing – are there as many opportunities for students who aren’t studying pharmacy?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

Of course! we have opportunities within I.T., merchandising/marketing, finance, real estate and operations.

Elias (TalentEgg):

Ken, a PharmD student at UBC, asks:

Rexall is an established company. How do you stay innovative and competitive in the market?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

We have great leaders within Rexall who are continually seeking out ways to grow. In Pharmacy we focus on building through patient focus services. We strive at providing the complete health experience.

Rexall utilizes four key avenues to increase patient engagement opportunities.

Technology: We ensure that we utilize technology to ensure pharmacists can easily identify the target patient population.

Training and Education: We want to give our pharmacists every opportunity to have the most updated information for our patients.

Workflow: We want to improve pharmacy workflow to allow our pharmacist maximum time to engage with our patients.

Company Focus: As a company we are committed towards enabling our pharmacists to practice as per their training and education and deliver the optimal patient centered care.

As a company our focus is to ensure that we provide the best patient care, hence we transformed our business to embrace expanded role of pharmacist.

Ami Bowen:

Hi there. Is it better to apply for a customer service position directly in-store or online?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

If you are searching for an in store position its better to apply directly to the store you are interested in.

Tyler W:

Rosa, do you have any advice on standing out during an interview?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

The key in standing out is to showcase some of the work you are most proud of. That could be a project or initiative you have worked on in the past.


What do you think new hires like most about Rexall as a retail employer?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

We are continuously growing! There is tremendous opportunity as a new hire to learn and grow. For example we have complete learning institute that employees can take advantage of. As well because we are a lean organization you have the ability to work in many different areas.

Carmela S:

What are the top 3 qualities you look for in a student employee?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

Their passion for learning, ambition and accountability.

Elias (TalentEgg):

We’ve hosted several other Office Hours chats with Rexall! Want to check out the transcripts? You can find them at:

Jin Liu:

What is the average size of a pharmacy team?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

It depends on the store size generally includes Rx Manager, up to 2-3 Pharmacists as well as Pharmacy Technicians.

Elias (TalentEgg):

Katie is a pharmacy graduate from the University of Toronto, and asks:

Can you tell me about interviewing for a Rexall opening?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

For new Pharmacy graduates we work with the respective universities across the country and set up interview dates through the schools. Interviews are with Regional Pharmacy Directors.

Elias (TalentEgg):

Great discussion! Remember: you can find the latest job opportunities at Rexall on TalentEgg:

Mohammed, a PharmD student at the University of Toronto, asks:

I’m interested in your relief positions but am wondering how many stores I would have to rotate between (or distance)?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

It depends on the location you are interested in i.e. urban areas or more remote locations. You generally rotate through a few stores

Elias (TalentEgg):

Amanda, a pharmacy student from Memorial University, asks:

Why is community so important at Rexall?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

Our brand positioning at Rexall is: “For the health-conscious young family, Rexall is Canada’s complete healthy daily living destination, which, like a mega-dose of ‘feel good’, inspires and makes it easier to live a healthier and happier life.”

We have a unique role to play in the Canadian health care system where we are often the first contact and always the last checkpoint between patient and the medication.

This unique role enables us to be the key health care professional in providing patient centered care that results in improved patient health outcomes and healthcare savings.

Zeeshan D:

What kind of work-life balance can I expect as a pharmacist?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

Its really about developing scheduling and working with your other Pharmacists to ensure the store is continually being supported.

Stef Miller:

Rosa, thank you for your time. I want to know if it’s possible to move up through the ranks from a frontline position (Store Associate) to head office?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

Absolutely! As per previous question there are plenty of opportunities within departments such as merchandising, HR, I.T. finance and operations. We consistently search internally for individuals who are looking to grow their career within Rexall.

Kayla B:

Hello, I am interested in working at Rexall on the retail side and want to know what my career prospects look like within the company.

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

Within the store you can move from Assistant Manager to Store Manager. we promoted several store Managers to Regional Directors as well. It also depends what area you are looking to grow into whether it be within Operations or other departments within the organization.

Elias (TalentEgg):

Passionate about positive change? Rexall is too! Learn how they give back to communities:

M. Dhaliwal:

I have a background in IT and would like to work for Rexall. What are my options?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

Our I.T. department is one of our largest in the organization. There are opportunities in Project Management, Business Intelligence, Programmers, Java developers, Architects etc.

What would you like to learn about today?

How Rexall supports new team members ( 6% )
Why students and grads love working at Rexall ( 28% )
Where my career at Rexall can go in the future ( 39% )
What makes a strong application for a Rexall job ( 28% )

Elias (TalentEgg):

Chris is a BBA student at NAIT, who asks:

Is there an overall culture at Rexall? With so many individual stores, does your experience depend on the store you work in?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

Our overall culture is fast paced, we work collaboratively with each other and strive to grow Rexall as a whole. Rexall is also corporately owned and head office continuously provides support to the stores.

Elias (TalentEgg):

There’s great video content on Rexall’s TalentEgg profile! Check it out:

Michael, a pharmacy grad from the University of Saskatchewan, asks:

How does Rexall help employees continue their education?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

We want to give our pharmacists every opportunity to have the most updated information for our patients. We have a Rexall Learning Institute for all employees. Workshops for Pharmacists, Continuing Education Events Certified Diabetes Educator etc.

Ben Fitzgerald:

Hi Rosa! When writing my cover letter, should I focus more on my technical skills and experience or soft skills and qualities? I have both but only have 1 page to talk about it.

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

I would say a combination of both. I would keep your cover letter short. Its a really an introduction and should focus overall how your skills would be an asset to the organization.

Elias (TalentEgg):

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That’s all the time we have for questions today. Thanks for participating in Office Hours! And of course, a big thank-you to Rosa as well for answering all these questions! Do you have any final comments?

Rosa Maio, Manager Talent Acquisition:

Thank you to TalentEgg for this time as well to all the students who asked questions.

Elias (TalentEgg):

Egg-cellent! To learn more about Rexall, check out their TalentEgg profile!

Thanks again for joining us today, TalentEgg-ers! Keep your eyes on our Twitter (@TalentEgg) and Facebook ( for upcoming Office Hours events!

Kayla B.:

Awesome thanks!

M. Dhaliwal:

So glad to learn this information today, thanks!


Great event glad to learn during it! Thanks all!


Rosa, thank you and thank you, TalentEgg!




Thank you TE and Rexall!

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