Average Starting Salaries For Engineers: 2014 Edition


Getting a degree in engineering is a challenging process!

After putting your your time, energy and money towards this coveted degree, you’ll want to know that there’s some reward for all your hard work.

The good news is that engineering continues to be one of the most lucrative career paths available.

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Below, you’ll find a quick round-up of salary estimates for several major Canadian cities. Please note: the figures below represent the median starting salary for each occupation, meaning that 50% of engineers earn less than what is shown below. Of course, this also means that 50% of engineers earn more than the listed salary. All data assumes 0 years of experience.

Electrical Engineer
Vancouver 53,875
Calgary 62,632
Edmonton 58,875
Winnipeg 49,688
Toronto 52,903
Ottawa 55,020
Montreal 50,143
Halifax 50,771
Mechanical Engineer
Vancouver 50,434
Calgary 58,927
Edmonton 55,147
Winnipeg 48,213
Toronto 49,232
Ottawa 50,326
Montreal 48,865
Halifax 49,127
Civil Engineer
Vancouver 54,274
Calgary 57,824
Edmonton 56,107
Winnipeg 48,912
Toronto 51,049
Ottawa 50,399
Montreal 49,135
Halifax 48,441
Chemical Engineer
Vancouver 56,438
Calgary 61,074
Edmonton 60,826
Winnipeg 53,764
Toronto 52,454
Ottawa 57,526
Montreal 51,470
Halifax 56,200
Mining Engineer
Vancouver 70,051
Calgary 80,636
Edmonton 76,138
Winnipeg 65,753
Toronto 68,457
Ottawa 74,103
Montreal 65,520
Halifax 67,513
Materials Engineer
Vancouver 55,870
Calgary 63,372
Edmonton 61,069
Winnipeg 49,962
Toronto 57,393
Ottawa 54,972
Montreal 54,224
Halifax 50,540
Environmental Engineer
Vancouver 53,911
Calgary 57,490
Winnipeg 55,835
Winnipeg 51,187
Toronto 53,757
Ottawa 54,433
Montreal 52,009
Halifax 51,340
Computer Software Engineer
Vancouver 80,983
Calgary 78,725
Edmonton 78,348
Winnipeg 72,103
Toronto 73,935
Ottawa 78,826
Montreal 73,311
Halifax 64,239

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Source: PayScale.com

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