The CPP Investment Board Challenge: Get Started In 3 Simple Steps


You’ve signed up for the latest TalentEgg Challenge and you’re ready to get cracking.

Not sure where to start?

We’ve compiled some useful tips, tricks and resources to help you craft an egg-ceptional submission.

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Step 1: Organize

First things first: if you want a Challenge-winning idea, you need to come up with one.

Start by using the Challenge question as a launchpad for brainstorming. Here’s the CPP Investment Board question:

“What can investment or finance companies do to attract more females into investment roles?”

Next, identify key terms within the question and do a simple word association exercise to kick-start the ideation process. If it helps, give yourself a timeframe to complete the exercise – you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with under a 1-minute deadline!

Once the ideas start flowing, you’ll want to organize and connect your thoughts. Doing so will facilitate your creative process, help generate and grow your ideas, boost your productivity and ensure your overall Challenge submission has a clear focus.

Step 2: Prepare

Turning your idea into a comprehensive, real-world solution requires time and effort.

Ready to move on to the development phase? This is where your research and critical thinking skills are put to work!

In order to create an impactful solution, you’ll want to analyze what’s already happening within the industry. Begin by exploring a few initial resources to get a grasp on the situation: the Challenge page and the sponsor’s online presence.

The Challenge page will give you a general overview of Challenge objectives and may offer you a glimpse into the specific elements the judges will be looking for in a prize-winning submission.

The criteria for the CPP Investment Board Challenge:

  • Research
  • Presentation
  • Critical thinking
  • Feasibility

How will your submission address each area?

The online portfolio of the Challenge sponsor – including their website, social media channels and TalentEgg employer profile – can also provide you with valuable insight into the organization’s goals and priorities.

Step 3: Execute

You’ve identified the big picture and have explored the details. It’s time to turn your hard work into action!

Strong Challenge submissions are innovative and inspiring, but even the strongest entries can be discredited if they aren’t presented well.

Think of it this way: your final product is a reflection of your own level of professionalism. If you want to leave the judges with a positive impression of your skills and potential, take time to consider different presentation tools.

There’s nothing wrong with a simple report-style solution, but a little extra detail can help you stand out!

Think about format:

  • Slideshow presentation
  • Infographic
  • Video
  • Webpage

Which platform(s) best support your idea?

Your choice should emulate the overall tone of the Challenge, as well as the Challenge sponsor. Stand out from the crowd, but be relevant!

Remember, the way you choose to present your idea has a significant impact on the way your entry is judged. Nothing impresses the judges more than a well-written, perfectly-formatted document. If you present an engaging, memorable submission, the judges will better understand your idea and be more likely to remember your solution.

The CPP Investment Board Challenge deadline is October 1st! Don’t miss out.

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