6 Reasons To Complete A TalentEgg Challenge


TalentEgg Challenges are more than just contests: they’re real questions, posed by top employers and they require realistic (yet innovative) solutions.

Completing a Challenge gives you the chance to gain valuable experience and new skills, both of which are important to prospective employers.
The latest Challenge is the CPP Investment Board Challenge! Check it out here.
Not sure if you want to sign up for a Challenge? Here are 6 reasons why it’s well worth your time.

1. You get to make an impact

“As a young professional, proposing new ideas in corporate environments is always a daunting task. This Challenge has proven to me that I can produce top-notch ideas.”
Maju S.
Finalist, The Metro News Challenge

Challenges are your chance to take on real responsibility and tackle opportunities devised by some of Canada’s leading employers.

In the classroom, most of your work is hypothetical. By completing a TalentEgg Challenge, you get to solve a problem that directly reflects the “real world” – at least, the one you enter after graduation.

Participating in a Challenge is like acting as a consultant to a leading brand: it’s your chance to show off what you know and support a company that’s trying to make a difference.

2. It looks great on a resume

“TalentEgg Challenges are a great way of finding success-driven individuals to recruit.”
Kiefer N.
Finalist, The Purolator Challenge

When hiring a student or recent grad, employers typically want to see that you have demonstrated work experience.

Completing a TalentEgg Challenge is your chance to add a unique line to your resume – setting yourself apart from more traditional extra-curricular involvement, work experience or volunteering.

If you need to start building your resume, it’s a great place to start; if you’re already experienced, it might be the extra feature that makes you a leading candidate.

3. You can improve key skills (and develop new ones)

“I would definitely recommend participating in a TalentEgg Challenge, especially if you’ve always wanted to test your skills in an area of interest.”
Joanna F.
Finalist, The Purolator Challenge

No matter what your educational background is or what kind of career you want to hatch, there are certain skills you’ll need in the workplace – and they won’t always come from your time in the classroom.

The ability to come up with an idea, do research, put together a proposal and present your project is something you only learn from hands-on experience. Every Challenge will push you to use and improve your critical thinking, research and communication skills.

You can also expand your skill set and industry knowledge by tackling a Challenge that is outside your comfort zone! That’s a great way to present yourself as a well-rounded candidate when it’s hiring time.

4. You’ll get useful feedback

Each time you complete a TalentEgg Challenge, you’ll receive a personal feedback report.

“I have made reference to placing Top 10 in a TalentEgg Challenge in my resume and included the actual feedback report as reference in my portfolio. It is a useful tool to bring forward in an interview or include with job applications.”
Derek G.
Finalist, The Purolator Challenge

This report explains how your submission was evaluated, what you did well on and where you can improve.

You’ll also get an overall score and a breakdown of how your idea scored in each category!

These feedback reports will help you strengthen your skills and attest to your abilities and performance in the Challenge.

The Challenge Report is a truly unique credential, the first of its kind (remember, Challenges are typically open only to students and recent grads).

You can add it to your LinkedIn, quote in a cover letter or discuss in an interview – it’s versatile!

5. There are fantastic prizes

Although the experience of completing a Challenge is a reward in and of itself, you also have the chance to win some egg-cellent prizes!

Companies often offer cash rewards, paid placements, networking opportunities or other great prizes to students and grads who submit the best idea(s) to their Challenge.

6. This is your chance to be heard

The companies and brands that partner with TalentEgg to organize a Challenge do so because they want to get your perspective.

As a member of Generation Y, your opinion matters – you have a unique way of thinking and can offer insight that others can’t. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage with them on a higher level and influence the way they do business.

Your fresh, original approach to problem-solving is incredibly valuable. Here’s your chance to prove it!

Ready to get cracking on a TalengEgg Challenge? Click here for more information on current and past Challenges.