Average Starting Salaries: 2014 Accounting Edition

Average Starting Salaries: 2014 Accounting Edition


When it comes to job satisfaction, money obviously isn’t everything.

Having a job that you enjoy and that you’re good at can be a lot more important than the size of your paycheque.

However, it’s good to know what you can expect to be earning as you enter the wide world of accounting!

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Below are the current salary estimates for eight entry-level positions in the accounting industry across six major Canadian cities.

Keep in mind that these estimates often vary according to the cost of living in each area, and that there are a variety of other positions out there – this is just a sample to give you a sense of what you might be earning at your first job.

Financial Analyst
Toronto 45,155
Ottawa 48,094
Montreal 42,888
Vancouver 46,465
Halifax 42,260
Calgary 50,987
Corporate Accountant
Toronto 42,994
Ottawa 42,400
Montreal 40,845
Vancouver 42,308
Halifax 38,108
Calgary 45,909
Public Accountant
Toronto 40,557
Ottawa 40,598
Montreal 40,018
Vancouver 40,929
Halifax 36,617
Calgary 45,731
Internal Auditor
Toronto 56,519
Ottawa 54,673
Montreal 53,194
Vancouver 53,338
Halifax 45,244
Calgary 57,575
Credit Analyst
Toronto 41,054
Ottawa 39,410
Montreal 38,820
Vancouver 43,579
Halifax 36,184
Calgary 46,577
Tax Accountant
Toronto 34,581
Ottawa 35,229
Montreal 33,701
Vancouver 35,806
Halifax 32,115
Calgary 40,104
Toronto 30,429
Ottawa 28,751
Montreal 27,982
Vancouver 30,432
Halifax 27,764
Calgary 32,590
Accounts Payable Clerk
Toronto 32,948
Ottawa 31,608
Montreal 30,985
Vancouver 33,534
Halifax 30,282
Calgary 35,524

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