Joining The Pharmacy Team At Rexall: Inside Tips From Hiring Managers


If you’re ready to explore a career opportunity at Rexall, Andrew Roberts and Shannon Conliffe have some expert insight to offer.

They’re Regional Pharmacy Directors at Rexall, and play a big part in managing the hiring and staffing of the Rexall locations in their regions.

In addition to sharing their application and interview advice, they discussed some excellent reasons why career opportunities at Rexall are a great fit for students and recent grads.

Many career paths at Rexall

Working as a Pharmacy Student is a first step into the profession, introducing you to the daily operations of a pharmacy and necessary computer software.

“As a Pharmacy Student, the major challenges of your role fall into understanding the technical aspects of the pharmacy business, processing documentation for insurance companies and having first experiences dealing with clients and healthcare professionals,” says Shannon.

“People talk about the future of pharmacy, and those details are things we’re doing today.”
Andrew Roberts
Regional Pharmacy Director, Rexall

A position as a Pharmacy Intern moves you closer to the Pharmacist’s role, and involves you in client interactions, checking and processing prescriptions, and a range of extended services.

“This role is your first chance to act as a Pharmacist, becoming comfortable with working independently, having 1-on-1 interactions with clients, explaining how to use medications and overall becoming familiar with your role outside the classroom setting,” Shannon explains.

Next come opportunities to work as a Pharmacist in a Rexall location, or a position as a Relief Pharmacist, working in different pharmacies in a particular region.

“These roles are quite similar,” Andrew says. “Many students and grads benefit from that time in our relief pool, seeing different locations and exploring how different stores are set up and managed.”

Top application tips

Be specific. “Start with a cover letter that is specific to the role you’re applying for,” recommends Shannon. “Make sure it’s a strong complement to your resume and indicates the skillset you have to offer.”

Tell your whole story. “Include your pharmacy and non-pharmacy experience when you apply,” says Andrew. “Anything that shows leadership skills and customer service experience is relevant.”

Proofread, proofread, proofread. “Make sure your application is free of errors and is written in a way that is concise and easy to follow,” Shannon says. “An application that has errors doesn’t put your best foot forward.”

Be flexible. “The more open you are to discussing different locations and positions, they more marketable you are,” Andrew says. “That makes you more likely to be successful.”

Are you a good candidate?

Asked about the qualities she looks for in a potential hire, Shannon stresses the importance of personal dedication above all else.

“The ideal candidate for Rexall is someone who has a real passion for pharmacy and who has a real interest in providing professional services to clients,” she explains.

She adds that there are several key qualities that lead to success in a pharmacy career at Rexall, chief among them communication and time management skills.

“Communication could involve connecting with patients, colleagues, healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses and more,” says Shannon.

“At Rexall, you’re really empowered to use your skills and make a difference in the lives of your clients and in the profession.”
Shannon Conliffe
Regional Pharmacy Director, Rexall

“As well, you’ll need to be able to work both independently and as part of a team to ensure that you’re managing the workload of the pharmacy to provide services in a timely manner.”

Andrew agrees that whatever skills you bring to a career, dedication is the most important attribute.

“It’s not necessary to have a ton of experience, because that can be taught,” he says. “What I look for first is someone who is energetic, passionate about pharmacy, positive in their outlook in general and about the profession.”

Coupled with your willingness to learn, a real commitment to quality service is the surest way to succeed as you build your career at Rexall.

“Patients expect fast, friendly, professional pharmacy services provided by competent people,” Andrew explains.

“I look for someone who empathizes with patients, who is an expert at providing a positive client interaction, who knows how to make customers and patients feel valued.”

You’ve landed an interview. Now what?

Practice. “Good preparation can really diminish your concern,” says Shannon. “Know your resume inside and out – it shouldn’t include anything you can’t speak to in an interview.”

Ask questions. “Get your questions out in the open,” says Andrew. “You should interview us as much as we interview you, so you understand the position in as much detail as possible.”

Bring your confidence. “The people who stand out speak with confidence and are clear and articulate,” says Shannon. “Connecting with your interviewers is really important.”

Be yourself. “Don’t focus on interviewing well, but interviewing honestly,” Andrew explains. “We want to get a sincere impression of who you are, what your interests are and where you want to go.”

Thinking long-term

A career at Rexall also offers significant long-term growth potential – encouraging info as you start your career.

“Rexall promotes from within wherever we have the opportunity to do so,” says Andrew. “If students work hard and fit in well, they move on into positions as Pharmacists, Pharmacy Managers and beyond.”

From your first role at Rexall, you’re positioned with the support you need to grow in the long term.

“New employees are sometimes surprised by the amount of resources and educational opportunities that are provided by Rexall,” says Shannon.

“Whether it’s through training workshops, online modules, there are a lot of really exciting programs which tie in with the work you do.”

Those resources are balanced with a focus on on-the-job learning as well. Rexall ensures that new team members are connected with Pharmacy Managers who can enable their growth and equip them for future career success.

“In terms of pharmacy practice, Rexall is certainly the most progressive in terms of offering an expanded scope of practice,” says Andrew. “People talk about the future of pharmacy, and those details are things we’re doing today.”

Shannon agrees.

“The role of the pharmacist is changing,” she explains.

“At Rexall, you’re really empowered to use your skills and make a difference in the lives of your clients and in the profession.”

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