New Professional You: Inside The Resume Refresh


Your resume needs a twist cone of its own.

You may not think much has changed since last year. Maybe you had a new job this summer, so you can add that to your “Experience” section – but otherwise your resume should be ready to go, right?

We’re immersed in an era of constant evolution, where the types of jobs people have (and the skills they need) are constantly changing. For instance, having “computer skills” is no longer noteworthy – it’s expected.

What you should be highlighting this season could be quite different from what topped your bullet points last year. Here are some things to keep in mind.

The social game

There’s a world of opportunities out there that has sprung up because brands and businesses are utilizing social media.

Pick out new platforms to showcase your abilities on, or find unique ways to use them.

A Snapchat resume? That’s unlikely, but these are the types of things brands are doing to stand out. Why should your job application be any different?

Do some research on different businesses in the industry. What social platforms do they use? What tone of voice are they using to communicate through them?

Get punchy

The competition is strong and employers have access to a sky-high stack of resumes.

How can you stand out? Make your resume even more reader-friendly. Condense your wording and find ways to make your key points stand out.

Be more than enough

If a job’s requirements state “degree and applicable experience,” you’re likely one of thousands that fit that criteria – so find ways to make your resume noteworthy.

What were you involved in this past year? What electives did you pursue? How did they shape your career plans?

Think about what you did this year and how that translates into the job you’re looking for – and share this with an employer.

Go back to basics

Times New Roman might be a classic font, but is that what’s going to get your resume seen? Go back to the simplest of details – like font, size and spacing. What employers are looking for is constantly changing, so how can you ensure these minute details work in your favour?

How do you spruce up your tired old resume? Tell us in the comments!