Extracurriculars: Why They Matter (4 Reasons)

Extracurriculars: Why They Matter (4 Reasons)


School can be draining. It can be overwhelming and exhausting and sometimes, flat- out boring.

Getting involved in extra-curricular activities can give you a break from the textbooks and feed your brain in a whole new way. But there are plenty of other benefits to signing up for an on-campus pastime.

Discover what you love to do

Extra-curricular activities can help you find passion — especially if you’re enrolled in an exceptionally draining academic program.

They’re also a way to force yourself to commit. Allotting time to play sports or write or sing may not be something you’d otherwise prioritize unless you had a reason — and a commitment — to do so.

Meet new people

Getting involved in activities outside your normal social circle introduces you to people you may not otherwise meet.

You develop a whole new slew of friends and naturally bond with these people because you have something in common — and it’s something the other people in your life likely can’t relate to.

You bond over memorizing lines; struggling through swim practice; pulling all-nighters at the school paper. You share a big part of your life with a group of people. You get used to seeing them and spending time with them.

They end up knowing more about your personal life than your closest friends — and you come to rely on them in multiple aspects of your life.

Round out your resumé

Having a lot of related experience is all fine and dandy — but employers want someone with a well-rounded personality to complement that.

Getting involved in extra-curricular activities gives you so many opportunities to develop interpersonal skills, organizational skills and effective time-management.

Or maybe you get really passionate about the club you join and end up getting involved within the management of that organization.

Not only are you developing skills, but you’re gaining relevant experience that any employer will look upon favorably.

Keep your calendar full

Between exams, essays and your part-time job, it’s easy to think you don’t have time to put anything else on your plate — and occasionally, this is the case. But more often than not, people do have the time; they just haven’t recognized it yet.

Look closely at where your downtime is going.

Are you watching rerun after rerun into the wee hours of the morning? Getting sucked into Facebook for hours at a time?

Getting involved in an additional activity makes you utilize the time that you do have much more effectively.