Want To Get A Job In Social Media? Build These 5 Skills


In this day and age, who wouldn’t dream of working in the popular field of social media?

Job opportunities in social media have started to grow in popularity among the millennial generation – and many organizations have a high demand for professionals in this area.

There are a number of skills that can make you an asset in this field, and many of them require just a little investment of time and energy outside the classroom.

1) Strong writing skills

While social media professionals often tackle a number of small writing tasks (think: 140 characters) instead of large ones, you’ll still need excellent writing skills to get ahead in this field.

In addition to being a grammar wizard, you’ll also need to communicate effectively using the written word.

This is a key skill for any career, but when you’re the person behind a brand’s online presence, it is absolutely mandatory that you be able to write effective and engaging content.

2) Customer service skills

You might not think to connect your experience in customer service with a job opportunity that involves social media.

However, careers in social media involve dealing with the public, all the time!

While you may be connecting with people from the other side of a screen, knowing how to deal with different customer inquiries and complaints is vital to your continued success.

3) Dedication & passion

Working in social media is not a 9am-5pm job.

You will often have to work around the clock and on weekends. The online community never sleeps, and neither do your fans and customers. This is particularly true if you work for a business that is open 7 days a week.

There’s good news! If you’re dedicated and passionate about social media and community management, it won’t feel like work to be constantly tuned into your social media channels – it should be second nature!

4) Willingness to learn

Social media is rapidly-changing. Since you’ve started reading this article, it’s probably already changed in some way, shape or form, or a new trend has appeared. If you plan on pursuing a career in social media, you’ll have to be ready to keep up.

If you’re looking for a career where your learning stops the minute you graduate school, social media isn’t for you.

You can’t be an expert in social media without staying up-to-date – and you have to be willing to accept that.

5) Personality

You have to have personality in order to be a social media professional! Why?

To represent the brands and organizations you’re working for, you’re going to have to channel several different personalities.

Sometimes you may need to be casual, and at other times you may need to be corporate. A social media professional one must be able to assume any sort of personality, voice and tone thrown their way.

A big part of getting started in social media is balancing learning and experience. While there’s no substitute for hands-on work, it’s important to plan your career with the major skills you’ll need in mind.

What are some skills you think a social media professional should posses?

About the author

Lauren Marinigh is a Sheridan College alumni from both the Advertising and Corporate Communication programs. She is currently working at Sheridan's Student Union in their Marketing department. Lauren is infatuated with everything social media & digital, follow her on Twitter: @MarinighPR