7 Ways To Beat The No-School Blues


As the baby in my family, I have grown up watching those older than me graduate.

For as long as I can remember, I perceived this time to be nothing but egg-citing and even a relief for the graduates. For many of us, we have spent most of our childhood and adolescent years saying “I can’t wait to get into the working world”, “when I grow up I want be a scientist”, or “I can’t wait to never study again”.

Yet, now that the time has finally come for myself and close friends to leave the student life, it seems as though the tunes have changed.

As the seasons change and some go back for their final year or post-graduate studies, the ones who aren’t embarking on school this fall seem to be challenged with the transition.

I can hear the sad mumbles everywhere – “I’m so sad to not be going back this year”, “this is the hardest transition I’ve been through so far”, “I have no idea what I’m going to do this fall not going back to school,” or “I miss everyone.”

If you’re a new grad, feeling a bit sad about not heading back to school this fall, I wanted to give you some of my advice on beating what I like to call the no-school blues.

1. Get money-making

When you first graduated in April, you may have had a summer job lined up or a role lined up in your field.

Don’t let this change in September! Being financially secure to either get that student debt covered ASAP or to start saving will always boost your confidence and give you the ability to take on opportunities that come your way! I’ve watched too many friends graduate with an egg-cellent education let the summer coasting routine drag on into the fall. Don’t let this be you! Whether it’s a job or your career, working is not only good for your bank account but your confidence and skills too. So get cracking!

2. Reunite with old friends

Now that you’re back at home, make an effort to see the people who you’ve missed during the past few years away at school.

Things tend to slow down in the fall so this is the perfect opportunity to set some quality bonding time with your closest friends. If you have friends who are still at school make an effort to go and visit them as much as you can!

This will help you keep in touch with those closest to you and continue your friendships even though your time at school is finished.

3. Sign up for a sports league

In your area there must be super-fun recreational leagues you can join with a friend or two! This gets you out of the house, a guaranteed fun night with your friends, and an awesome way to meet some new people!

4. Get in some you time

You’ve just spent the last few years concentrating on just about everything but yourself. Not having the pressure of school will actually give you the time to sit and figure out what your goals are now and where you’d like to take your future from here.

Spend some time thinking about things like, will going back to school benefit me, where am I comfortable starting my career, where should I start, what are some of the main skills I learned during my time as a student that I can bring to an employer?

5. Go on an adventure

Going on an adventure doesn’t mean that you need to head off on an extravagant vacation. It just means that you should try something new or do something that you don’t get to do as often as you would like. Especially if your new career doesn’t allow for much vacation time, make the most out of your weekends and weeknights to get some serious new and fun things in!

6. Start preparing a plan

Whether you funemployed, extending your summer job, or have already hatched you career, take the time to make a game plan for yourself. You are now officially an adult (I don’t think any of us actually admitted or embraced this when we turned 18). Figuring out where you want to be in 6, 12, 18, or 24 months will help you prioritize what you need to line up this fall and what to concentrate on to make your goals happen!

7. Go get recruited!

If you don’t have a job lined up in your field, go out and be recruited! The fall is when 70% of recruiters do their hiring. So not only will you get to attend a fun networking or recruiting event and meet some great contacts, but you’ll also have an egg-cellent chance of hatching your career!

How do you beat the no-school blues? Share your tips by posting your comment below!