Here’s How To Build A Twitter Presence And Boost Your Job Search


Your job search is online, and it’s staying that way.

In addition to building a  presence through platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and more, you can also leverage these platforms as job search tools.

Twitter can be a particularly valuable resource in your job hunt – here’s some insight on how to use Twitter to help you in your quest for a job.

Whether you’re a novice user or just looking to fine-tune the details, check these steps out!

Create a professional profile

This is the first place to start.

Your professional account should include a suitable photo (use your LinkedIn one), a bio explaining what you do, such as your current job/internship and your education, plus a link to your LinkedIn or website where followers can find out more about you.

You may have a regular Twitter account that you use to tweet about your favourite reality show and monitor your favourite celebrities, but having a professional profile is where you’re going to see the best results.

Follow people and companies in your industry

What industry are you working in, or do you aspire to work in?

Find the influential people, brands, companies, and resources in that field and follow them.

Try and find places that are in the area that you live or would want to work. A good place to start is by typing in your dream places to work, or searching general terms related to your industry and your location.

Have a look at the accounts top figures in your industry follow and engage with – this will help you identify promising accounts to connect with.

Create valuable content

A great Twitter presence starts with great content. Make sure to share valuable and insightful content on a regular basis.

If you can’t create original content (many people can’t), look to blogs in your industry or re-share content from related tweeters.

To personalize this shared content, try and add your own spin or opinion when re-posting.


Twitter makes it easy to talk at people, which is not the same thing as engaging. While Twitter is a platform for you to communicate, that communication needs to be a two-way street.

Chime in and add your opinion to things other people are sharing. Find Twitter chats that are happening in your industry and mark them in your calendar so you can join in every week.

Engaging can be as easy as sending a, “great article, thanks for sharing,” tweet to someone – anything that will get people in your industry to notice you.

Filter and target

Building a Twitter following will help you bring value and credibility to your messaging, content and personal brand.

As you build a presence, you’ll raise your own visibility and create a platform to engage leading figures and employers in your field.

When you discover an opportunity you want, you’ll be able to reach out and communicate with those accounts (and the people behind them), giving you a head-start on an interview or application process.

If those accounts engage, they’ll be impressed by your demonstrated Twitter presence, and will be more likely to follow the chain of links to your personal website or LinkedIn.

Have you ever used Twitter to help you land a job? Share with us.