Application And Interview Tips, Tricks And Advice From Bell’s Recruitment Team


The recruitment team at Bell will be busy this fall.

Throughout the month of September they’ll be visiting 18 different Canadian schools, connecting with students and helping them learn more about career opportunities at Bell.

“We have over seven different grad programs for 2015 openings that we will be actively recruiting for,” says Tegan Monaco, Associate Director of Talent Acquisition at Bell.

These programs cover a range of new grad opportunities, including project management, accounting, finance, technical roles, analytics, sales, marketing and more.

“In a large organization like Bell, there’s a multitude of different roles, especially for new grads,” Tegan explains. “Whatever type of role you’re interested in, there’s an opportunity for you here.”

In January, the Bell team will also be looking for top 3rd year students for their 2015 summer internship program – a 12-week opportunity that offers a range of experience in different roles across Bell’s operations.

Once you’ve identified the career opportunity at Bell that suits your interests, you’ll need to create an eye-catching application.

Understanding the process

For the Graduate Leadership Programs, you’ll need to submit your application to Bell in September – a cover letter, resume and transcript (as appropriate).

The Bell team will review applications and schedule video-based interviews, sending each candidate a video link and asking them to reply to behavioural questions.

Next, you’ll complete a case interview, presenting your recommendations to a panel of interviewers based on an assigned case.

“This is a great opportunity to show your presentation skills, as well as your critical thinking and analytical skills,” explains Tegan.

Depending on the role you’re interested in, you may complete other assessments, some of which are designed to help you identify your major skills. These opportunities have a lot to offer you as a new job-seeker – Bell values helping each candidate learn something from the process.

“We understand how important it is to give feedback,” Tegan explains. “For any candidate that meets with our team in-person, we proactively provide feedback to assist with their career development.”

Identifying your skills

With a clear focus on a particular Bell opportunity, you should figure out how your skills and experience align with Bell’s ideal candidate.

“We want to hire well-rounded candidates that have a mix of great experiences, whether that’s experience in a work role, a co-op, an extracurricular or a charitable opportunity,” Tegan says. “It’s really important for our new grads to want to work at Bell and give back.”

“It’s an open canvas at Bell. Every day you can come in and do something completely different.”
Tegan Monaco
Associate Director of Talent Acquisition, Bell

A well-rounded set of experiences is the best way to develop the communication and teamwork skills Bell values in a new grad employee.

“We really want passionate leaders who can collaborate and work well with others and who are really eager and want to jump into new challenges,” explains Tegan.

Those qualities are key to success in a graduate rotational program at Bell, where opportunities to learn and take on new challenges arise daily.

“There’s such diversity across the different roles you can explore at Bell. It’s a great way to get professional experience and start your career quickly,” Tegan says.

“Grads that have joined the Bell team have been really satisfied with the roles they tried and where they chose to work after the rotational program.”

A great application

The first thing Tegan looks for on a resume?

A concise format.

“We’re always impressed by a resume that shows that you thought out and planned what you wanted to share,” she says.

That prior research and planning is even more important when you compose your cover letter.

“You need to clearly communicate that you’ve done research and have identified that you want to explore,” says Tegan. “Grab our attention quickly, highlight who you are, why you’re a fit for the Graduate Leadership Program and why you’re a fit for Bell.”

Make sure to show both your unique accomplishments and personality, too.

“We’re real people, reading a lot of applications,” Tegan says.

“The applications that stand out are the ones that show why you’re right for Bell and tell the story of who you are.”

Your career-hatching interview

Interviews can make the most experienced candidate nervous, but it’s important to understand that Bell approaches interviews in a unique way.

Show up early and take some time to relax and observe how Bell operates.

“Give yourself the time to sit in the lobby, witnessing the company culture. Decompress and relax, then get focused for your interview.” Tegan says.

If you’re still feeling ill-at-ease, meeting the Bell team should help you put doubts aside.

“When people meet our team, they see that we’re laid-back and personable,” says Tegan. “We want you to relax so that you aren’t uncomfortable or nervous throughout the interview.”

An interview at Bell is an opportunity for you to get more information and learn more about the opportunity you’re pursuing.

“The Bell team is there to help make sure that this is a good fit for you,” says Tegan. “Our culture is very honest and open. We want people to make the right decisions in their careers and find roles that suit them.”

Don’t forget to follow up after your interview with a thank-you email.

With another recruitment season approaching, Tegan is excited for the coming opportunities to connect with students and grads.

“It’s an open canvas at Bell,” she says. “Every day you can come in and do something completely different.”

“Bell is an amazing company and the Graduate Leadership Programs are a fantastic platform to take your career to the next level.”

Get started at Bell! Learn more about opportunities for students and grads here.

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